Resident Evil Village film puzzle solution

The Resident Evil film puzzle solution will need detective work in House Beneviento as you uncover and order film strips in a projector. It’s a Resident Evil Village challenge that has to be completed to continue so finding and completing it is a vital part of the game. 

You’ll find the House Beneviento film puzzle in the Study, which is next to the elevator. Inside there you’ll find a film projector and four pieces of film on a frame, with a fifth missing piece clearly indicated by the gap. To solve this Resident Evil Village puzzle you’ll need to find the missing film and then reorder all five sections. Get it right and you can move in and continue your adventure as you try to rescue Rose. To help you, take a look below at the solution to the Resident Evil film puzzle below. 

1. Where to find the House Beneviento film projector puzzle

resident evil village film puzzle

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The film projector is located in the basement (B1) of House Beneviento. If you stand with your back towards the lift, the projector is on your left. The room is called the ‘Study’.

If you enter the Study right after your arrival in the basement, you will see the film projector on the wooden desk in the middle of the room. However, you can’t interact with it yet, and there aren’t any notes on the desk either. Just continue to explore the rest of the basement first. 

2. Get the missing piece of Resident Evil Village film

resident evil village film puzzle

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You may have noticed this on your first visit to the Study; there’s a film strip missing from the projector. If you can’t find it, you may have overlooked it while examining the Mia doll in the Doll Workshop. The piece of film you’re looking for is hidden inside the doll’s mouth. Stand next to the doll and click ‘examine mouth’ to see it. 

Unfortunately, you can’t take the film out without ‘some kind of tool’. First, you have to leave the Doll Workshop by entering the combination code (it’s on the wedding ring you find on the doll’s hand after you wash the blood off), and then you need to complete the Resident Evil Village music box puzzle. You can find the music box in the Storage Room down the hallway, first door on the left. Basically, you need to arrange the cylinders in the right order. 

Once you complete the music box puzzle, you get rewarded with a pair of tweezers. This is the ‘some kind of tool’ you’re looking for. Time to head back to Beneviento’s Doll Workshop and use them to get your missing film strip from the doll’s mouth.

3. The Resident Evil film puzzle order in House Beneviento

resident evil village film puzzle

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Once you have the missing piece of Resident Evil Village film, you can go back to the Study. First, you must click ‘examine’ to add the film to the projector. The five pieces are now complete.

Next, you must put them in the correct order. You’ll find a note on the desk that says: ‘Our happy family’, followed by a list of hints (numbered 1 to 5, just like the film strips). Here’s every hint linked to the correct piece of film:

  1. Rose’s best friend in the whole wide world: this is Rose’s toy, so choose the film with the stuffed animals.
  2. She really likes this fairytale: choose the book that says ‘Village of Shadows’ on the cover.
  3. The most important thing in the world to us: baby Rose.
  4. A wedding gift from grandma: the music box.
  5. Proof of Ethan’s everlasting love for me: the hand with the wedding ring.

To change the order, simply go left or right to select the film you want, then click ‘ok’. Drag it to the right number, then click ‘ok’ again. 

4. What does the House Beneviento film show?

resident evil village film puzzle

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Rather than the cozy family videos you might expect, the film projection shows us a creepy room with an old, stone well and a rocking crib (yes, it’s rocking by itself). You don’t really need to remember any of this; the story will eventually take you to the well. For now, you can leave the film projector puzzle and enter the new room that just opened up in front of you. 

House Beneviento’s film puzzle is now complete, and you’re one step closer to escaping the basement!

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