Can you get back into Castle Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village?

Can you get back to Castle Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village? At a certain point in the game it’s a sensible question to ask as, without spoiling to much, you won’t be inside Castle Dimitrescu for the entire game. There are plenty of other locations in  Resident Evil Village and at some point you will wander off to see what else is out there.  

But, because you will at some point leave the castle, you might want to be prepared in case there’s anything you want make sure you’ve done before that happens. There is a point of no return and coming up we’ll discuss exactly when that is so you can make sure you’ve completed and found everything before you reach it. Especially as it’s not clearly indicated when you’ll be on a one way trip out of there. Obviously there’s going to be some mild spoilers to help identify where in the game this is but if you’re prepared you won’t suddenly find yourself outside the castle wondering about how to get back in. So keep reading to find out when that point in the Resident Evil Village story is reached and we’ll hopefully answer anyone asking whether you can go back to Castle Dimitrescu..

Can you reenter Castle Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village? 

Resident Evil Village

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It seems strange to get shut out of Castle Dimitrescu, as most of the other locations in the game can be accessed fairly easily through out the story, with your ability to go where you please only really restricted when you enter a certain location for the first time and escaping is the main objective. There’s also a point towards the end of the story where you’re locked into the end game story and have to see everything through to it’s completion. There’s no post-game either, where you can return to the Village and wander freely – you’ll have to load an old save if you want to re-explore areas once you’ve completed the main plot. 

When can you no longer enter Castle Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village?

Resident Evil village get back into Castle Dimitrescu

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The point of no return for exploring Castle Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village comes when you find a certain knife. Again, I’ll keep this spoiler free but at a certain point in the castle you’ll find a coffin, and in that coffin is a body clutching a dagger. The moment you pick up that dagger you’ll trigger a series of events that will end with you shut out of Castle Dimitrescu for the rest of the game in Resident Evil Village. If you want to fully explore the castle to see everything it has and find any special items (there’s some treasures and weapon parts, for example) then turn around when you find the knife and do everything you want to do before you touch it. Remember, rooms on the map turn blue once you’ve found everything in them so as long as you have no red on the map then you’re got everything. 

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