How to find all Resident Evil Village masks in Castle Dimitrescu

The Resident Evil Village Four Masks puzzle is all that’s between you and escaping Castle Dimitrescu. This puzzle solution starts and ends in the Hall of the Four, where four faceless angels statues need faces before you can proceed. The objective is simple: find a mask for each statue to open the way to freedom.

There are four angel masks to find in the castle, called the Mask of Joy, Pleasure, Sorrow, and Rage. Since Castle Dimitrescu is a fairly large, many layered location you’ll have to explore in stages, this puzzle is a challenge that will take some time to complete. 

So if you want some help with the Resident Evil Village mask puzzle, take a look at the Mask location guide we’ve prepared below. Coming up we’ll show you where to find all four Angel Masks in Resident Evil Village, and how to actually get them. Get ready, then, to start your mask hunt, and watch out for Lady Dimitrescu and the girls!

There might be a few minor spoilers ahead, as finding various masks is linked to some small story and character moments. 

What is the Resident Evil Village mask puzzle?

Resident Evil village masks

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You’ve probably seen the faceless statues in Castle Dimitrescu’s Hall of the Four already. It’s west of the Main Hall and north of the Merchant’s Room. The masks belonging to each of these statues are hidden somewhere inside the Castle. The only thing you need to do is find them, bring them back to the Hall of the Four, and place them on the correct statue. You can tell which mask belongs to which statue by checking the fitting at the back (use ‘observe’ in your inventory) or by reading the clues about emotions. 

Where to find the Resident Evil Village masks

Resident Evil Village Mask of Sorrow 

Resident Evil village masks

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To get the Resident Evil Village Mask of Sorrow, you first need to visit Lady Dimitrescu’s Chambers on the second floor. After a less-than-friendly conversation with the Lady herself, she will throw you down a cellar from where you can reach the Hall of Sorrow. Beware of Lady Dimitrescu though; she will continue to hunt you until you reach the Mask of Sorrow. 

Use Lady Dimitrescu’s key to unlock the door. You’ll see the statue with the mask directly in front of you. It’s always on the lowest head (the person who’s about to get stabbed). After taking it, the platform and statue will move upwards, leading you to the Courtyard above. 

Resident Evil Village Mask of Joy

Resident Evil village masks

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To collect the Resident Evil Village Mask of Joy, you must first gain access to the Library, using the Iron Insignia Key. You can collect it by playing the piano in the Opera Hall (located north of the Courtyard). The piano puzzle is quite simple; just adjust the height of each new note to match the one on the paper. After that, you can immediately run upstairs to the second floor of the Opera Hall, and use your new Iron Insignia Key on the door to the Library.

Unfortunately, one of Dimitrescu’s daughters is waiting for you in the Library. You have to kill her first (by opening the skylight and exposing her to cold, which will make her vulnerable), and only then can you continue to the Hall of Joy. You will see the statue with the Mask of Joy on your right.

Resident Evil Village Mask of Rage

Resident Evil village masks

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The storyline will now take you to the Atelier, where you need to complete the Five Bells Puzzle, and then to the Attic and the rooftop. Watch out for the harpies in this area. Continue walking over the roof (don’t take the elevator down yet) until you find the zipline in the Belfry tower on the right side of the map. Use it to land in the Tower of Rage, right in front of the Resident Evil Village Mask of Rage. 

After getting the mask, use the nearby ladder and then the elevator to go down to the first floor again.

Resident Evil Village Mask of Pleasure

Resident Evil village masks

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Finally, you need to find the Hall of Pleasure. Go to the second level in the Main Hall, and continue running to your right until you reach the door with the gaping mouth. At the end of the hallway behind it, you’ll see the door to the Hall of Pleasure. Unlock it with Dimitrescu’s key. 

Bad luck though; removing the Resident Evil Village Mask of Pleasure has locked the door behind you. The only other way forward is going to the Armory, where another daughter of Dimitrescu is waiting for you. Expose her to the cold again (use the pipe bomb to blow the wall), and finish her. Now, you can grab the Mounted Animal Skull from the wall, and use this as a substitute for the Mask of Pleasure. 

The only thing you need to do is examine the knob on the back of the Mounted Animal Skull, and you’ll be left with just the Animal Skull. Remove the mask of Pleasure from the statue and put the Animal Skull in its place. The door will now open and you can return to the Hall of the Four.

How to open the door in the Hall of the Four

Resident Evil village masks

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You’re basically done now. Keep watching out for Lady Dimitrescu though, as she will still be trying to kill you while you place your masks. After placing every angel mask in the Hall of the Four, the door will automatically open and you will finally be able to escape Castle Dimitrescu.

Don’t think you’re save just yet though…

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