Returnal Ixion guide for how to beat the Crimson Wastes boss fight

The Returnal Ixion boss fight is one of the biggest challenges of Returnal itself, nigh-impossible to overcome without incredible skill and awareness of the enemy’s attack patterns. Waiting at the highest point of the Crimson Wastes and attacking with a variety of airborne barrages that are almost impossible to avoid, Ixion is a proper test of everything you and Selene have learned so far. If you need help, read on for a comprehensive Returnal Ixion boss fight guide.

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How to beat the Returnal Ixion boss fight

Returnal Ixion boss fight

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Let me preface this by saying that the only gun you should be taking into the Returnal Ixion boss fight is the Tachyomatic Carbine. The Spitmaw Blaster doesn’t work because Ixion always keeps its distance from you except in the final phase, the Modified Sidearm can do the job but will take ages, and the Hollowseeker is just one of the worst guns in the game.

With that in mind, and the Tachyomatic Carbine equipped, the Ixion boss fight begins when you hop into the arena. As with all the Returnal bosses, there are three phases, and the first phase is the easiest; never let Ixion out of your sight and keep your finger over the dash button. It will dash from one side of the arena to the other, firing a lot of general shots in a wide pattern, but one attack will also follow your movements. Dodge constantly when this is chasing you, then fire your Carbine whenever there’s a lull in the shots coming at you.

Returnal Ixion boss fight

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The second phase kicks off without any targeted shots, but a lot of equally-spaced big blue balls to dodge, along with a tall forcefield wall to jump over repeatedly. Rather than pressing circle to dash here, weave your way through the shots by strafing and jumping over the walls, while hip firing your Carbine.

After a short while, when Ixion leaps off the ground again, flee to one side of the arena. You want to be perpendicular when Ixion zooms back across and unleashes more shots and walls – oppposite the ledge you entered the arena from is the best spot. Dodge all of these attacks and Ixion will return to doing what he did in the first phase by staying stationary with similar shots. The only thing to watch out for is when he goes to the side of the arena with the big spire, make sure you strafe because he’s about to fire a huge beam.

Returnal Ixion boss fight

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Then there’s the third phase. It begins in a very similar manner to the second, although when jumping the walls, watch out for the shots above your head so you don’t jump into more damage. After this, Ixion will start dashing towards you and slashing, so the importance of dashing away here cannot be understated. Keep backing off. dodge the constant outward pulses when he bangs the ground, and Ixion won’t survive for long.

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