Samus Arans shoulders finally have competition from this games hungover hero

A new challenger for the title of most powerful sci-fi shoulder armor is here, and she’s a new hero coming to Endless Dungeon.

The upcoming roguelite tactical action game introduced its latest playable character, Zed, in a new hero spotlight trailer. Each of the characters you control as you plumb the depths of an enigmatic space station has their own reasons for being there; in Zed’s case, it’s because she was way too hungover after partying at a metal music festival to evade its grasp. Thankfully, she brought her massive shoulder armor and equally massive gun, so she has at least some small chance of shooting her way back out.

According to her profile on Endless Dungeon’s official site (opens in new tab), Zed does more damage the faster she takes out foes, can launch a sonic boom of arcing damage, and can activate her Deathmosh ultimate ability to weaken monsters and boost herself. She also dislikes silence, herbal tea, and smooth jazz.

Endless Dungeon is a follow up to Dungeon of the Endless, which shared a similar concept and premise when it came out in 2014. Both are part of the mind-bogglingly broad Endless franchise, which also encompasses the sci-fi civilization building Endless Space series and fantastical 4X strategy game Endless Legend.

Endless Dungeon’s arrival on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S is set for some time this year. If you want to find out more about the lore behind Zed’s rad pauldrons before then, you could always give the other Endless games a shot.

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