Shenmue creators next game is a Space Harrier-esque shooter with swans

The creator of the Shenmue series’ next game is a Space Harrier-esque shooter with swans.

Yu Suzuki recently revealed that there are currently no “concrete plans” for Shenmue 4, and what the Shenmue developer is working on next couldn’t be much further from the epic story-driven series. Suzuki’s next game takes inspiration from his earlier work, the arcade rail shooter Space Harrier, and throws in some swans for good measure. 

Air Twister sees you play as Princess Arch as she battles against alien invaders to save the planet. As the trailer shows, this is achieved by soaring through the sky, firing homing missiles at all manner of bizarre creatures, at times, while riding on the back of a giant swan. Well, we can’t say that it isn’t original. 

In a briefing attended by GameSpot (opens in new tab), Suzuki revealed that he had the idea for this style of game back in the 80s, but due to the technical limitations of the time, Space Harrier was born instead. “This is my ideal fantasy shooting game. I think when you play it, you will see it has a much different feel,” Suzuki said. The soundtrack is also something of a surprise, with 19 original tracks courtesy of Dutch composer Valensia.

This colourful adventure is coming Apple’s subscription service Apple Arcade on June 24. According to its AppStore page (opens in new tab), Air Twister will feature 20 different enemy types across 12 stages and 10 unique boss battles. It promises “simple touch controls” but can also be played with a controller for an “arcade-like experience” if that’s more your style.

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