Skyrim Anniversary Edition black screen error related to mods and faster loading

If you’re getting a Skyrim Anniversary Edition black screen error, you may need to check in on some of your favorite mods.

As spotted by our friends at PC Gamer (opens in new tab), the new version of Skyrim which went live as part of the anniversary update has caused a few unexpected issues to pop up. It’s not nearly as bad as it likely would have if Bethesda hadn’t given a modder early Anniversary Edition access to help ward off a “modpocalypse,” but the one PC Gamer ran into caused the game to launch into a black screen with some music in the background, which isn’t very fun to play.

It turns out the issue is related to improvements made on Skyrim’s back end, specifically the compiler used to put the game together when you launch it. It’s substantially faster than the old compiler, and that extra speed throws off the timing some mods rely on as they load up along with the game.

The creator of Lucien (opens in new tab), a popular new follower players can add into the game, found the source of the issue in their mod and fixed it by simply adding a three second delay to the mod when it starts up. If you’ve run into the Skyrim Anniversary Edition black screen error, make sure mods like Lucien are running on their latest version, and failing that, try disabling them until their creators can get them working with Skyrim’s updated architecture.

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