How to catch Spinda in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Spinda is a controversial creature for many trainers, because it’s so difficult to catch and even when you do track it down, there are currently nine different pattern variations to collect at various times of the year – and that doesn’t include the Shinies either! This means that completing your collection of them in Pokemon Go is both time-consuming and relies on a combination of skill plus luck, making the process one that shouldn’t be entered into lightly. However, if your goal is to secure every different pattern of Pokemon Go Spinda to fill out your collection then we can help you with this guide on catching them.

All Pokemon Go Spinda variations

Pokemon Go Spinda

There were originally eight versions of Spinda in the game files, and they’ve now all been released, plus an extra one for Valentine’s Day. Here are all the Spinda versions currently available and when they went live: 

  • Pattern 1 – Oct 2018, Nov to Dec 2019, Jan to Feb 2021, Oct 2021
  • Pattern 2 – Mar to Apr 2019, Sep to Oct 2020, Nov 2021
  • Pattern 3 – Sep 2018, Sep to Oct 2019, Apr 2021, Dec 2021
  • Pattern 4 – May to Jun 2019, Nov to Dec 2020, May 2021, Jan to Feb 2022
  • Pattern 5 – Jan to Feb 2019, Jun to Aug 2020, Jun 2021, Mar 2022
  • Pattern 6 – Dec 2018, Mar 2020, Jul 2021, Apr 2022
  • Pattern 7 – Nov 2018, Jan to Feb 2020, May 2020, Aug 2021, May 2022
  • Pattern 8 – Aug 2018, Jul to Aug 2019, Apr 2020, Mar 2021, Sep 2021, Jun 2022
  • Heart Pattern/Pattern 9 – Valentine’s Day 2019, 2021, 2022

Following a 2019 update the number of circles showing for Spinda in the Pokedex was increased to 20, which naturally lead players to expect more forms would be available to catch. However, that was over three years ago now and no more Spinda forms have been found since, suggesting the additional slots were either added in error or the planned content was never released.

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