Star Trek 4: Chris Pine hasnt read script, but says series shouldnt copy Marvel

Earlier this year, news came that Star Trek 4 is on its way with all the full Enterprise crew slated to return. Now, James T Kirk himself has shared an update, with Chris Pine revealing that he’s yet to see the script for the new project.

The actor shared how his “excitement” for the upcoming project is increasing ahead of production getting underway. Despite the lack of script, Pine explained that meetings have started happening and he’s looking forward to working with new director Matt Shankman.

Shankman was behind Disney Plus hit WandaVision and also has a long list of shows under his belt like Game of Thrones and Succession. Speaking about working with Shankman, Chris told Deadline (opens in new tab): “I’ve not read a script. I met the director, Matt [Shankman], who I really like. 

“I met a producer on it that I really like. I know JJ [Abrams] is involved in it in some respects.” Pine added: “Everybody seems excited about the prospect of it.”

However, despite having a Marvel alum among the team, Pine was also keen to point out he thinks Star Trek should steer clear of trying to emulate the superhero studio’s success. The pressure that comes with making a $500 million film could be something standing in their way, according to the lead actor.

He admitted the conversations have always been about the billion-dollar mark because “Marvel was making a billion”. But he added how while the Star Trek fandom is huge, the struggle has come from reaching wider audiences.

Pine said: “To get these people that are interested that maybe are Star Wars fans or think Star Trek is not cool or whatever, proven to be… we’ve definitely done a good job of it but not the billion-dollar kind of job that they want.” For the longevity of the Star Trek universe, the star thinks smaller stories are the way to go.

Alongside Pine, the reboot cast Zachary Quinto, Simon Pegg, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldaña, and John Cho are all reported to be coming back as well.

Ahead of any more news from the Star Trek Enterprise, check out what other upcoming movies are in the pipeline.

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