Stray lets you go full chaotic cat and trip up robots

Stray will let you cause maximum chaos for the city’s mechanical inhabitants.

Adorable kitty-themed adventure Stray is pouncing onto PlayStation and PC in less than a week. The game places you in the fluffy paws of a cat, who must navigate through a strange robot-filled city to find their way home. In order for us to get better acquainted with our feline friend, PlayStation has created a spoiler-free introduction (opens in new tab) to the game.

As the webpage shows, developer BlueTwelve Studio has given this hero kitty all the characteristics of a real cat, including their fondness for making mischief. With hoomans nowhere to be seen, this cat has to get their kicks by tripping up robots instead. One of the videos shows our cat pal standing at the top of some stairs when a robot, blissfully unaware of their presence, spectacularly trips over the animal and ends up eating pavement.

A lot of meowing is essential in the everyday life of a kitty, and in Stray, there’s a dedicated button for doing just that. Additionally, cats typically spend around 15 hours of the day sleeping, so taking a nap is always an option. Snoozing makes use of the PS5’s controller’s haptic feedback and speaker to “make it feel like you’re holding a sleeping kitty in your own hands.” You can also keep your furry companion’s claws sharp by scratching furniture and other surfaces. 

You’ll have to fully embrace the way of the cat if you want to earn all of the trophies in Stray. Silver trophy ‘A Little Chatty’ is only unlocked after you’ve made the ginger fellow meow 100 times, and sleeping for more than one hour is needed to net the trophy for ‘Productive Day’.

Take a look at our Stray preview for our first impressions of this charming indie. 

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