Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney criticizes gendered “double standards” for nude scenes

Sydney Sweeney has commented on the gendered double standards that she feels still exist between men and women when it comes to nude scenes.

“There are hour-long compilations of world-famous male actors with nude scenes who win Oscars and get praised for that work. But the moment a woman does it, it degrades them,” Sweeney told Cosmopolitan (opens in new tab). “There’s such a double standard and I really hope I can have a little part in changing that.”

Sweeney is best known for playing Cassie in Euphoria, as well as her role as Olivia in The White Lotus season 1. The difference between the reception to the two roles is something that she’s noticed, though.

“I don’t think as many people took me seriously in Euphoria because I took my shirt off,” Sweeney said. “With The White Lotus, all these people came out of the woodwork like, ‘You’re the most amazing…’ and I’m like, ‘But I went through the most crazy emotional roller coaster in Euphoria. So, thanks?'”

She added: “I’m so disconnected from it. When I get tagged in Cassie’s or Pippa from [Prime Video movie] The Voyeurs’ nudes, it feels like me looking at their nudes, not Sydney’s nudes. When you film one of these scenes, it’s so technical and not romantic.”

Sweeney can currently be seen in the thriller The Voyeurs on Amazon Prime Video and vampire movie Night Teeth on Netflix. If you’ve already seen her latest projects, check out our lists of the other best movies on Amazon Prime and best Netflix movies

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