Blue Beetle first reactions call it a massive win for DC

The first reactions to Blue Beetle are now in, and people are (mostly) raving about DC’s latest superhero flick.

The latest from DC follows Jaime Reyes as he finds himself becoming a reluctant superhero named Blue Beetle. After the recent college graduate returns to his hometown of Palmera City, he is chosen as a symbiotic host to an ancient alien relic called the Scarab. This grants him a powerful exoskeleton armor, which becomes very useful when some new supervillains arrive in town.

Cobra Kai’s Xolo Maridueña plays Jaime Reyes, alongside Adriana Barraza, Damián Alcázar, Raoul Max Trujillo, Susan Sarandon, and George Lopez.

“Blue Beetle is here & Latinos FINALLY have a superhero of their own reflected on the big screen. The film is so incredibly good, so unique & delivers on all fronts giving the superhero genre much needed sazón! The film’s Tangerine Dream-inspired synthwave score also rocks!” wrote The Wrap’s Umberto Gonzalez.

“Happy to report that Angel Manuel Soto’s Blue Beetle is definitely a great time at the movies! Not only is it a fantastic introduction to Jaime Reyes as a character/hero, but also a love letter to the Latino culture, that focuses on family as its foundation,” tweeted film critic Fico Cangiano.

#BlueBeetle is my favorite post-Nolan DC film.It’s an action packed, highly entertaining superhero story about family…& there’s nothing more important than family.The film is unique in that it lovingly & unabashedly shares the Reyes family’s Mexican culture. @bluebeetle 🧵 11, 2023

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“DC should’ve marketed Blue Beetle more. It’s a fun, self-contained, emotional story about family. Xolo Maridueña is perfectly cast and SHINES as Jamie Reyes. George Lopez and Bruna Marquezine are also standouts. I’m so happy Blue Beetle is the first DCU character,” tweeted BigScreenLeaks.

#BlueBeetle is a love letter to the Hispanic communities & their families. Our culture & heritage is at the core of this story & our characters, as it shows how we overcome any kind of adversity. #GeorgeLopez, #AdrianaBarraza & #XoloMaridueña are superb. @angelmanuelsoto shines! 11, 2023

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“A MASSIVE win for DC & an electric introduction to the first hero of the DCU. Xolo Maridueña’s charismatic star-making performance confidently anchors this intimate synthwave journey of family, heritage, & purpose. A fresh and endearing spin on the origin story!” said writer Griffin Schiller.

“Blue Beetle entertained me far more than I thought it would. It gives off Iron Man feels and delivers a down to Earth & intimate story about family & moral values. Susan Sarandon is the comic book villain I did not know I needed. George Lopez is hilarious!” tweeted critic Tessa Smith.

#BlueBeetle is a surprisingly emotional, yet hilarious and exhilarating superhero blockbuster like no other. It’s filled to the brim with heart and @angelmanuelsoto has created a perfect celebration of Latino culture. GO SEE @bluebeetle, you won’t be disappointed! 11, 2023

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“Blue Beetle is mostly a blast. Some is too silly or childish for me, a lot had me laughing loud (George Lopez!). Practical suit rocks. The Latino representation is awesome. Enjoyed the family-centric stakes, solid action beats. Overall, it’s fun,” wrote journalist and podcaster Brandon Davis.

“Blue Beetle stands out from previous DC entries and its mostly due to the Latin flavor, let’s be real. It’s funny, emotional & the action scenes w BB are amazing! The cast is beautiful, but Maridueña and López SHINE. Can’t wait to see more! Congrats, Angel Manuel Soto!” tweeted critic Genesis O’Neill.

#BlueBeetle | A return to form for DC Studios. Filled to the brim with Latino-centric references, a strong family theme & kinetic oners, Xolo Maridueña IS Jaime Reyes. Angel Manuel Soto crafted a fun, energetic & entertaining superhero fare. Great to see P fkn R on display. 11, 2023

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Blue Beetle arrives in theaters on August 18 and is the latest installment in DC’s cinematic output. However, there’s some confusion about whether the movie fits into James Gunn’s new DCU Chapter One: Gods and Monsters plan, or whether it’s one of the final DCEU outings. Either way, the new movie already has a thumbs-up from Gunn.

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