Terraria might be the best-reviewed Steam game ever, with over a million reviews and a 97% positive rating

Terraria has well and truly won over the hearts of PC players, with over a million reviews and a 97% positive rating on Steam.

The quirky two-dimensional Minecraft-esque game was released on PC all the way back in 2011, and it turns out a lot of people really like it. So much so that it’s managed to reach one million Steam user reviews while retaining an “overwhelmingly positive” rating. This makes it the first game on Valve’s platform to achieve such a feat. 

While Terraria’s developer Re-Logic is no doubt celebrating the game’s success, this news comes not from it but from Twitter user demize, who shared an image of the SteamDB website’s list of top-rated games with Terraria sitting proudly on top. The screenshot shows that the game has amassed a total of 978,864 positive ratings and 21,444 negative ones, giving it an overall rating of 97%. 

Terraria is now the first game on Steam with over 1 million reviews while keeping its Overwhelmingly Positive status! (97% positive) pic.twitter.com/3AJlAya2geAugust 29, 2022

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Looking at the Terraria reviews (opens in new tab), one fan says, “One of my all-time favourites, a game done right, made with love, and overall deserving of the praise it receives.” Another describes it as their “Go to game for a bit of action and creative planning,” while a third feels they’ve short-changed the developer, writing, “I feel like I should’ve paid more for this masterpiece.” Some of Steam’s other most highly recommended games unsurprisingly include Portal 2, the stunning roguelike Hades, and the cosy Stardrew Valley.  

One of the reasons for Terraria’s immense popularity is undoubtedly down to the support the developers continue to provide for the game a decade after its launch. The latest update 1.4.4, also known as Labor of Love, is expected to release in late September and is set to be the game’s first simultaneous launch across console and PC. 

Included in the update is a new feature that will allow you to save your gear loadouts and change between them on the fly, allowing you to experiment with your equipment and mix up your playstyle. And the developer is seemingly keen to continue adding new features to Terraria for the foreseeable future. After the Labour of love update, Re-Logic has revealed it plans to work on implementing crossplay.

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