The PS5 DualSense Edge is Sonys answer to the Xbox Elite controller

Sony has unveiled the PS5 DualSense Edge wireless controller, a high-end, fully customizable gamepad in the style of the Xbox Elite series.

A brief trailer at Gamescom Opening Night Live offered a quick idea of what to expect from the controller, and PlayStation went into far more detail in an official blog post (opens in new tab).

The controller will let you remap your controls, fine-tune your stick sensitivity and dead zones, and adjust the travel distance on your triggers. You’ll ablo be able to save multiple controller profiles, letting you build presets for, say, action games or racing games.

You’ll get three types of stick caps with the DualSense Edge – standard, high dome, and low dome – and two sets of back paddles which you can use as an extra way to hit any other button input on the controller. An on-controller UI will let you easily swap control profiles or adjust volume settings without going through the PS5 menus.

No information on price or release date has been revealed just yet, but Sony says more information will be revealed “in the coming months.”

A PS5 Pro controller has been rumored for what seems like ages, and many of the features from those rumors appear to be part of the actual Edge controller. Xbox’s Elite controller series has proven a popular option for players on Microsoft’s consoles, and it’s great to see Sony finally providing something similar for PlayStation fans on PS5.

Sure, there’s a new controller, but does that mean the PS5 Pro rumors are coming true, too? If they are, it’s likely going to be a much longer wait.

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