PS5 Pro controller: everything we know so far

Rumors of a PS5 Pro controller hitting the shelves soon have been sparked this week, after leaks surfaced online. Such speculation kicked off with a report suggesting the new pro controller will feature removable analog sticks, trigger stops, and rear buttons, all coming from Try Hard Guides (opens in new tab)

A PS5 Pro controller, if it does indeed exist, would be a first for Sony in the history of PlayStation. Sony has typically only released one version of its controller per console, with revisions along the lifespan of the console. To introduce a standalone line is a big deal – and certainly points to Sony’s emerging PC plans (we could have another contender for best PC controller on our hands). These rumours have also resurfaced previous reports about a potential PlayStation 5 Pro console hitting our shelves soon. 

Here at GamesRadar+ we are summarising the rumours so you know what you could be in for and comparing the potential PS5 Pro controller to other professional level controllers already on the market. We’re also rounding up our predictions for a potential price, should this speculation ring true.

A quick disclaimer just to say all of this information is based on speculation and rumors, though we’ll be keeping it updated as soon as we learn more.


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PS5 Pro controller rumors so far

Apparently a “genuine professional controller” for the PlayStation 5 is in the works at Sony. 

Some of the potential features that are rumoured are removable analog sticks, trigger stops and rear buttons. 

Removable sticks units would be a major step forward for PS5 controllers as they would allow for individual sticks to be replaced rather than the entire unit if controller drifting were to occur. It is said that there are buttons on the PS5 Pro controller located just underneath the sticks which can be pressed to allow for easy removal. 

Trigger stops and rear buttons are becoming much more wide-spread within the controller world, with companies adding them to their regular line of controllers, so it is no surprise that Sony would opt for these features to appear on their Pro Controller line too. 

At the moment, it is not clear when this controller will be revealed however multiple sources have stated that Sony is set to announce and show off some new hardware pieces at the end of this month, could this controller be part of said line up?


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PS5 Pro controller: what we’re expecting to see

Should these rumors come true, we have some high expectations for this controller – it will need to compete with Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Series 2, after all. Here are some comparisons between the two based on what we know so far about the PS5 Pro controller. 

Xbox Elite Series 2 vs rumored PS5 Pro controller

Xbox Elite Series 2

  • Interchangeable sticks
  • Interchangeable D-pads
  • Wireless
  • Trigger Locks
  • 4 Rear buttons
  • 40 Hours battery life

PS5 Pro Controller

  • Interchangeable sticks
  • No Interchangeable D-pads
  • Unsure of wireless capability (will likely be wireless)
  • Trigger Locks
  • Rear buttons (not sure of how many)
  • Unsure of battery life


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What will the PS5 Pro controller price be?

As of right now we have no indicators of what the PS5 Pro controller price might be, however we can consider other premium gamepads on the market and the standard version’s price points in order to estimate what we might be looking at.

The current standard Xbox Series X & S controller comes in at around $60/£60. The pro edition of this controller, the Xbox Elite Series 2 comes in at around $160/£160.

The current PS5 standard controller, DualSense, comes in at a MRSP of $69.99/£59.99. If we take the price difference of the Xbox standard and elite editions into account then we can assume a similar price jump of around $100/£100. Bringing us an estimated price point of $169.99/£159.99. 

It may be slightly lower than this given, based on these speculations, that it offers less features when compared to the Xbox Elite Series 2. 

Today’s best PS5 controller deals

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