Tiny Tinas Wonderlands player insta-kills endgame boss with a gun that turns into pixies

Borderlands games are made to be broken, and one player has trivialized series spinoff Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands using a Tediore gun that turns into pixies when you reload it. 

Reddit user JonTheBasedGodd shared a short video of their character shredding a level 43 version of Dry’l, Whose Heart is Fire with nobody else around apart from their demi-lich companion. This is a higher-level version of a story boss encountered much earlier in the game, and it’s mighty tanky on Intense difficulty and in endgame Chaos Chambers, but you wouldn’t know that from how quickly it goes down here. 

dont_think_anybody_expected_this_when_they_said from r/Wonderlands

The key to this boss melt is a Tediore gun which spawns pixies when you reload it. Tediore guns are unique in that they’re thrown like projectiles when reloaded. They explode like grenades, with the explosion damage scaling to the number of rounds left in the mag, or in some cases cause wilder effects – in this case, summoning auto-targeting pixies. By firing a single shot and immediately reloading, you can effectively spam the effects of Tediore reloads. It chews through ammo like nobody’s business, but that doesn’t matter as long as your target runs out of life before you run out of bullets. 

In replies to their post, JonTheBasedGodd acknowledged that their spell does take a big chunk out of the boss, but explained that the “constant 200K+ hits you see are all from the pixies.” You can see the pixies stack up after each reload, and Dry’l is quickly surrounded and fried by arc pixies. Surprisingly, this player says the gun behind the carnage is just a basic “purple pistol that rolled shock damage, not chaotic or volatile either,” which suggests the damage ceiling for this strategy could be much higher with the right gun. It’s still early days for the endgame meta of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, and it does the heart good to see players already breaking it to no end. 

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