How to get Scrolls in V Rising for research

V Rising Scrolls are a special item that you can get by either going after bandits in certain locations, or by constructing a Paper Press in your Castle and using it to craft Scrolls with certain ingredients. These Scrolls have a few uses in V Rising, but by far and away the most significant is using them at the Study to research new crafting and construction recipes, a process that’s random, but ultimately rewarding regardless. Whichever method you use to obtain this precious resource, below we’ll cover the full process about how to get Scrolls in V Rising and even how to farm them.

Finding Scrolls on mobs and enemies

V Rising best weapons

V Rising

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Scrolls are a valuable resource material that, as far as we can tell at time of writing, are solely found as a drop from human enemies. We’ve also heard that they have a higher drop rate in the Dunley Farmlands than the Farbane Woods, though we haven’t confirmed that ourselves. 

Whatever the case, the best thing you can do as a Vampire in need of paperwork is to check the V Rising map and look at all the key areas around you. Any you’ve discovered will be marked with what items can be found there – and that includes Scrolls. Head to those areas and clear them in quick succession, making sure to kill all the enemies, loot all the chests, and break every crate, barrel and container in them – each of these has a chance to hold a Scroll. When you’ve completely emptied it, move onto the next camp and repeat this bloody process until you either clear all the camps, fill your inventory or need to recuperate back at your Castle. It’s a fairly imprecise method, but it doesn’t cost you much and you can come away with a lot more resources than just Scrolls by conducting these kinds of raids.

Crafting and farming Scrolls with a Paper Press

V Rising Scrolls

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Players can craft their own Scrolls within their Castle by use of a piece of equipment called the Paper Press, which we’ve laid out how to get in our guide on V Rising Paper. And while Paper is the most obvious thing it can make, it can also make Scrolls when you use the right ingredients and resources. Specifically, the following ingredients and resources:

  • Gem Dust (x12)
  • Paper (x4)

Again, check the guide above for how to get Paper. Gem Dust is obtained in a bunch of different ways, but any rock you strike has a small chance to drop the stuff – so run out in the local quarry and bash anything sedimentary until you have what you need. Alternatively, build a Devourer and throw any valuable jewels into it – an expensive, if effective way of creating Gem Dust. This shouldn’t be confused with the more mundane, but equally valuable Stone Dust, which comes as a consequence of making V Rising Stone Bricks in a Grinder, or the V Rising Grave Dust, which comes of pulverizing specific undead. Lot of dust in this game.

Once you have Scrolls, the main use they have is bringing them back to the Study and getting random new recipes, some of which are the pretty powerful V Rising Merciless weapons and gear. For that reason alone it’s worth doing, but there’s plenty more to unlock besides, for both your loadout and your Castle.

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