Is V Rising going to be on PS4 and PS5?

Sadly at time of writing V Rising is not available on PS4 or PS5, not on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch consoles. V Rising is only available right now on Steam/PC for the time being, but that’s not to say that a transition to other consoles and platforms like the PS4 and PS5 are impossible. Read on to find out more about the future of V Rising’s platform compatibility, and everything we know on what consoles the game will be coming to in the future.

V Rising Cheats and Console Commands

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For those who have it on PC, learn to change the game with our V Rising console commands and cheats!

It’s also important to remember that V Rising not only was released to Steam very recently, it’s also very much in Early Access, meaning that the game is still basically under development. Many developers who release and build games in this manner are likely going to prioritise creating a finished product before seeing if it can be relocated to other platforms and consoles in the future (much like the whole Valheim consoles issue, where V Rising’s clearest inspiration is also focused on completing the game before considering moving it to any other platform than PC).

Of course, we’ll update this page should news on this issue change or the developers comment on it, but we suggest that players not get optimistic about a PS4, PS5 or any other port happening in the near future. The V Rising offline mode recently added shows that the game is constantly being enhanced, but the V Rising Roadmap reveals some of the recent priorities of the dev team, and consoles aren’t even mentioned. Even if V Rising is ported while still in Early Access, it’d be a massive project that takes serious time and effort on behalf of Stunlock Studios. Sorry to tell you all this, but for now at least, it seems like Vampires are going to have to stick to this one particular castle.

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