What the Xbox Share button does and how it works on Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X Share button on your new Xbox Wireless Controller isn’t hard to miss, but how exactly it works or what it even does isn’t particularly obvious from the start. Just in case, you’re not quite sure which button we’re referring to, it’s the one with an upwards-pointing arrow on it just below the Xbox button with the View and Menu buttons on either side – though maybe you still call those Back and Start out of habit. 

Now that you’ve got your console, perhaps from one of the Xbox Series X deals, you can use the Share button to easily capture and upload any screenshots and clips from games you’re playing to the Xbox network. Friends and other players can then enjoy that Easter egg you found or the incredible clutch win you managed to pull out of nowhere. We’ve got everything you need to know about how the Share button functions on the Xbox Series X controller and how to use it.

How to use the Xbox Share button to record, share, and broadcast footage

Xbox Series X controller

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The Xbox Share button has multiple functions based on how you press it, with a quick press of the button instantly taking a screenshot of whatever’s on your screen. However, pressing and holding the button for a moment, will record a video of the previous 30 seconds of gameplay, though you can change the video recording settings, including how long the clip is and its resolution, in the settings. 

To access your recent captures, double press the Xbox Share button to open your Recent captures on the Xbox guide. You can then scroll down to Show all to reach your full capture library. Here you can view all your screenshots and clips, and upload any to the Xbox network or delete them. You can customize your capture settings, as well as the input settings for the Share button at any time by going through Settings > Preferences > Capture & Share and adjusting your preferences.

Your recent captures will be automatically uploaded, and if you have the Xbox mobile app downloaded, you can view and share them easily from there. For more information on how to set up the Xbox mobile app, take a look at our separate guide covering that.

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