How to get all Far Cry 6 Amigos, including challenges and abilities

The Far Cry 6 amigos, aka animal companions, are powerful pets who can use their abilities to help you both in and out of combat. Guapo the crocodile, the dogs Chorizo and Boom Boom, Chicharron the rooster and more besides, all form part of the crazy menagerie that can be called upon at any time. Whether distracting or devastating your enemies, the amigos of Far Cry 6 are an integral part of the experience that can give you edge in dangerous encounters. But if you don’t know where to find them, you can potentially get through the whole game without getting some of the best friends you’ll ever get in Yara.

That’s why, we’ve listed every Far Cry 6 Amigo and animal companion below, along with their locations and special challenges that will level up their abilities. Some of these buddies can be found and unlocked early in the game, while others will take a bit longer depending on how you explore and progress. Whichever Far Cry 6 Amigos companion takes your fancy though, we can help you find it.

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Every Far Cry 6 Amigo

Far Cry 6 amigos chorizo

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Appropriately, there are a total of six Far Cry 6 Amigos that can currently be found in Yara, with a variety of abilities and skills that can help you when you’re up against Castillo’s forces. We’ve laid them all out below, including how they can be found and what you can do with them.

Guapo the Alligator

Far Cry 6 guapo amigos

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Guapo is the first Amigo that players will get, a bulky alligator with a classy gold tooth who barrels across the battlefield and mauls enemies. Left on his own he tends to just charge at whatever enemy is closest or that provokes him, but Dani can give him directions and make him attack specific enemies on command. When attacking opponents, he tends to knock them down and savage them, leaving them open and vulnerable to additional attacks from the player (though if Guapo does enough damage, they’ll die anyway).

Guapo is a tank, and plays as such. He has no strategy beyond the head-on charge, meaning he takes a lot of damage, but his unlockable health regeneration and self-revive powers ensure that he can keep going nonetheless. You can’t use him for stealth though, as his attacks are slow, painful ones that leave soldiers screaming before they die. Cute little ‘gator, isn’t he? Complete the challenges below to unlock his full primordial potential.

  • Reptile Metabolism – Guapo’s self-revive skill restores 90% of his maximum health, rather than 50%. (Have Guapo kill 50 enemies to unlock)
  • Body Regulation – Guapo gains improved health regeneration during combat. (Have Guapo self-revive 5 times to unlock)
  • Cornered Beast – Guapo gains damage resistance when his health is less than 50%. (Have Guapo regeneration 3000 health during combat to unlock)

Far Cry 6 crocodile amigo location

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

To get Guapo, players just have to proceed with the main campaign. Before the first hour is over, you’ll likely have met a character named Juan Cortez, as part of a mission called “Juan of a Kind”. Guapo is introduced during this mission, and by the end you’ll have struck up enough of a friendship that he’ll become a proper Amigo.

Chorizo the Sausage Dog

Far Cry 6 chorizo amigo

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

For those who like their pets a little less toothsome, Chorizo is a cute little dog Amigo on wheels who will loyally follow you wherever you go. Everybody loves Chorizo, and that’s sort of the point – by directing him to interact with an enemy, he’ll wander over and distract them, so you can either sneak past or go for a stealth kill. He’s not much of a help in combat scenarios, but for those who prefer to infiltrate silently, he’s a very good boy indeed. For new tricks and talents to put in his toolbelt, complete the following challenges with him.

  • Bloodhound – Chorizo tags nearby crafting materials. (Have Chorizo distract 10 enemies to unlock).
  • Yes, You Can – Pet Chorizo for some health regeneration. (Have Chorizo tag 36 loot containers to unlock)
  • Keen Senses – Chorizo occasionally digs up resources for the player. (Use the Yes, You Can ability 50 times to unlock).

Far Cry 6 chorizo amigo location

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Chorizo is found by pursuing the Monteros campaign arc, which unlocks early in the game. Head to meet Philly Barzaga at the marked location (he has Chorizo with him), and this’ll start a mission called Meet the Monteros. You need to complete this mission, which will take you to Montero Farm. 

Now it’s over, head to the kennel on the East side of the main house to see Chorizo. Interacting with him will start a mission called “Who’s a Good Boy?” It requires you to get some alligator meat and will suggest locations to check out, though if you’ve got some already you can just immediately complete the mission by putting it in Chorizo’s bowl.

Not done yet, but almost there. Pet Chorizo again to start a new mission called Fetch Quest. This one is easy – just follow him around the farm as he finds you items. Once you get the last one, he’ll become a permanent Amigo in your roster of pets.

Chicharrron the Rooster

Far Cry 6 amigos

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

He might not look like much, but Chicharron is one of the most aggressive Amigos in the game – a sort of ‘point them at the enemies and wait for the screaming to stop’ deal. He’s not stealthy, but he is chaos incarnate and can have the enemy in disarray in seconds once he gets started, using abilities to boost damage, dodge attacks and knock enemies over. He can launch into leaping attacks from an incredible range and is the best choice if you just want to charge in and start shooting.

  • Roid Rage – Attacks faster and deals more damage when his health is below 70% (kill 12 enemies to unlock). 
  • Angrier Bird – Lets Chicharron knock enemies to the ground (kill 12 enemies in Road rage mode). 
  • Chicken Feet – More likely to dodge enemy attacks in Roid Rage mode (knock 50 enemies down using Angrier Bird).  

Far Cry 6 amigos

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

To get Chicharrron, wait until you have the Yaran Story Man’s Best Enemy in the Sierra Perdida region of El Este. You’ll have to complete a few missions centred on helping Chicharrron’s vendetta against the regime before you he’ll become your Amigo, but if you want a psychotic murder chicken on your team, it’ll be worth it. 

Boom Boom / Boomer

Far Cry 6 amigos

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

You might recognize this secret Amigo from Far Cry 5, but he’s not initially available, or even mentioned until you find him. You’ll need to unlock the mission Boom or Bust from Juan Cortez to get him, which will set you off in search of an American weapons shipment. You’ll have to check a few shipping containers but when you find the right one you’ll unlock Boomer, now known as Boom Boom, as your very own good boy. His main ability is looting dead enemies for resources as well as the following unlockable abilities:  

  • Pointer – Automatically tag enemy and animal locations (loot 10 dead bodies to unlock).
  • Expert Tracker – tag enemies from father away (tag 24 animals).
  • Thick Coat – Take more damage (tag 50 enemies).

Far Cry 6 amigos boom boom

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

You’ll be able to access the mission you need, Boom or Bust, from your Journal when it’s available. That will then send you to Feroza on the Western border of Valle de Oro. When you get there you’ll have to find and search a number of blue shipping crates around town to find which one has Boom Boom in. Once you’ve found him, he’s all yours.

Oluso the Panther

Far Cry 6 oluso panther amigo

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Oluso the Panther is gained via the Triada Blessings sidequest, and is one of the few Amigos to be something a little more than natural. A shadowy, mystical creature, Oluso serves as a stealth attack amigo, using silent takedowns to kill enemies without breaking your stealth (assuming nobody sees him on the prowl or tearing a Castillo’s head off).

Consequently, the big cat is a hybrid of Guapo and Chorizo, viable both in stealthy missions and full-on attack. Later upgrades will make it even more dangerous, and the last one in particular makes Oluso literally unstoppable. Amigos don’t really get better than this.

  • Mimi Abosi’s Luck – Oluso’s stealth is improved, and it can stealth-kill enemies during combat. (Have Oluso kill 12 enemies in restricted areas to unlock).
  • Rage of Ida – Oluso’s takedown, if spotted, causes fear in the enemies who see it and prompts them to flee. (Have Oluso kill 24 enemies with takedowns to unlock)
  • Mist of Oku – When below 50% health, Oluso is surrounded by smoke that grants increased stealth, health regeneration, and immunity to all damage. No, seriously. (Have Oluso inflict fear on 50 enemies to unlock).

Far Cry 6 amigos

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

As mentioned, Oluso is gained at the end of the Traida Blessings sidequest. This quest begins in the starting island of Isla Santuario, in the Oluwa Cave just East of Clara’s Camp. Head there at any time to start the quest, which will require you to find three Relics across the whole of Yara. Don’t worry, the quest will reveal their locations, and you can go hunting for them straight away. 

Once you have all three Relics, take them back to Oluwa Cave and they’ll open a new area inside it. Inside is a chest that’ll give you a new Supremo and Resolver weapon, and you’ll need them before you’re immediately attacked by ghostly panthers, one of which is Oluso itself. Be quick on your feet here, Oluso will teleport after taking damage and try to flank you, so a shotgun or SMG is a good choice. Once defeated, Oluso will calm down and sign onto your team as an Amigo. Odd choice, but we won’t question it.

K-9000 the Robot Dog

Far Cry 6 amigos k-9000

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

A bionic mutt with an Easter egg around its neck, K-9000 is a futuristic superdog Amigo as deadly as Chorizo is cute. K-9000 is designed to be an all-rounded partner, with applications in both stealth and combat. Its hardy exterior makes it immune to fire and poison while reducing bullet damage, and its unlockable abilities are what build into the stealth aspect. K-9000’s secondary ability is to tag nearby enemies and more without having to watch them through the phone camera, which can often be very helpful if you’re prone to missing things or getting caught out. If you want K-9000 upgraded as much as possible, here’s the challenges involved.

  • Enhance – K-9000 also tags turrets, cameras, tripwires and alarms. (Have K-9000 take 100 damage to unlock).
  • Enhance!!! – K-9000 does increased damage against enemies either him or you have tagged. (Have K-9000 tag 24 security systems to unlock)
  • Termination Protocol – When reduced to zero health, K-9000 detonates in a large explosion that massively damages all nearby enemies. No dogs were harmed in the making of this ability, except K-9000, obviously. (Have K-9000 kill 50 tagged enemies to unlock).

Far Cry 6 K-9000 amigos

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

The only way to obtain K-9000 is to buy the Season Pass for Far Cry 6. This grants owners the Blood Dragon Set, which includes a variety of cyberpunk and futuristic-themed gear, including K-9000 himself. Assuming you have this, you’ll need to progress through the campaign up to, and including the quest “The Guerilla”, where you leave the starting island of Isla Santuario. Once done with that, you’ll unlock all the DLC or pre-order content, including K-9000 and all the Bionic enhancements.


Far Cry 6 amigos

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

You can only get Champagne as part of the Vice Pack, a set of extras you can buy that includes special outfits, weapons, vehicles, and this white panther companion. Described as a ‘Status Symbol’, this giant cat can collect more money from dead enemies initially as well as unlock the following abilities: 

  • Greed is Good – Champagne will succeed more at takedowns when you have more money (kill 12 enemies to unlock). 
  • Predatory Instinct – Loot enemies after a silent takedown (have Champagne kill 24 enemies with a takedown to unlock).
  • Sonic Snarl – Champagne can knockdown enemies with a roar when she takes damage (loot 1000 pesos to unlock).

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