Carnage celebrates 30 years of Marvel Comics mayhem with new 2022 ongoing title

Marvel Comics’ murderous symbiote serial killer Carnage just made his film debut in October’s Venom: Let There Be Carnage, and in 2022, he’s taking the spotlight back on the page with a one-shot titled Carnage Forever, celebrating 30 years since Carnage’s 1992 debut in Amazing Spider-Man #361 (opens in new tab), which will lead to a new Carnage ongoing series later next year.

Carnage Forever will be written by current Superman writer and co-curator of the recent Extreme Carnage (opens in new tab) event Phillip Kennedy Johnson, along with current Venom co-writer Ram V, and writer Ty Templeton, who will each write their own story in the one-shot. Templeton will provide art, along with Edgar Salazar, and other artists still to be named.

Carnage Forever promises a new take on Carnage that, while still fueled by the horror film aesthetic of a symbiote serial killer, Johnson promises is “almost Exorcist-like” as opposed to Carnage’s usual “slasher film” type portrayals.

cover of Carnage Forever #1

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“Without spoiling it, we see him make an unexpected bond with a very unexpected kind of character, with all the grisly and horrifying consequences Carnage fans have come to expect,” Johnson states in the one-shot’s announcement.

“It’s been a lot of fun working in the Symbiote corner of the Marvel Universe,” adds Ram V. “Now with Carnage Forever, I’m thrilled to have a chance to tell some absolutely twisted tales for the killer symbiote for this anniversary collection and perhaps seed some ideas for things to come!”

Marvel’s announcement also promises further news to come about a new Carnage ongoing title launching in March – though the Carnage Forever announcement doesn’t provide any details about the new title. 

Carnage Forever #1 is due out February 23. Stay tuned to Newsarama for Marvel Comics’ full February 2022 solicitations, coming later this month.

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