Check out Battlefield 3 classes inside the Battlefield 2042 beta

A Battlefield 2042 player discovered a way to spawn Battlefield 3 classes into the recent beta.

YouTube user Lucapook uploaded a video showing off five classes that weren’t included in the beta themselves, but which thanks to a bug were visible via the Battlefield Portal. Lucapook says a total of 35 classes were featured in the portal, but they were only able to pull five of them through into the game itself.

First up was a “glitched” ranger class, which Lucapook described as a playable version of the robotic Ranger ‘dogs’ that could be spawned in during the beta. Unfortunately, this particular class doesn’t seem to be anywhere near complete, as they appeared to be invisible in-game, with a gun that had unlimited ammo and was incapable of overheating. Thankfully, the damage that weapon put out was pretty minimal, but the ‘class’ likely frustrated a few players that came up against it.

Later on, Lucapook introduced four classes from Battlefield 3; Assault, Engineer, Recon, and Support. The classes, their weapons, and their gadgets, could all be pulled into the beta, even though they’re not technically available in the game at this point.

Battlefield Portal is Battlefield 2042‘s new game mode, which will allow players to create custom matches, complete with content from a number of previous entries in the series, including Battlefield 3. That would suggest that much of what Lucapook uncovered in their video will make it to the final game, but it’s nice to get an early look at how Portal’s classes will play.

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