Elden Ring player one-hits a boss to prove magic is overpowered

An Elden Ring player has killed a boss with one hit to prove that magic is overpowered. 

Just below, you can see a super-popular post on the Elden Ring subreddit. In a good-natured attempt to prove that magic in FromSoftware’s game might be a little too dominant, the player takes out the Black Blade Kindred boss with a single magic-based attack.

It’s an absolutely staggering attack, and one that rips through the boss with zero effort required, without even draining the player’s FP bar a significant amount. It’s worth noting that the Black Blade Kindred is by no means an easy boss to down, and is generally considered a tough mid-to-late game foe, so it’s not like this player is picking on a far weaker boss than their character.

It’ll be interesting to see how FromSoftware responds to any community opinions like this. It goes without saying that a good chunk of the Elden Ring subreddit are of the same opinion as this player, judging by the number of upvotes that post has accrued, so it remains to be seen whether the developer actually takes any action, or simply goes hands-off and leaves in-game systems as they are.

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