Final Fantasy 16 releases next summer

Square Enix has unveiled a new Final Fantasy 16 trailer at PlayStation State of Play, revealing that the new game is set to release summer 2023. 

The trailer starts with with another peep at the upcoming RPG’s grandiose summons, which are called  ‘Eikons’ in this one. So far, we’ve seen Ramuh, Ifrit, Phoenix, Shiva, Garuda, Odin, and Titan. It looks like that they’ll be doing plenty more stomping around in Final Fantasy 16, too, as Square Enix confirms in a new blog post (opens in new tab) that we’ll see plenty of epic clashes that put us “right in the action”.

We then get more teases of the game’s story, with protagonist Clive and the gang seemingly caught between nations at war, which is certain to weigh heavy on the young protagonist’s shoulders.

We also got our best glimpse of the game’s combat yet. We see plenty of shots of Clive hacking and slashing his way through foes. While Final Fantasy 7 Remake offers a more hybrid approach to real-time and action-based combat, it looks like Final Fantasy 16 will be sticking to its guns on the latter for now.

Fans have certainly been anticipating the fresh gameplay snippet for a while now. Final Fantasy 16 producer Naoki Yoshida previously revealed that the new trailer was essentially done back in May and that it would be with us “soon”. Yoshida admitted that certain factors caused the trailer to be delayed, though everything seems to be dandy now. 

Until the new trailer, we hadn’t seen much of Final Fantasy 16 since Square Enix revealed it in September, 2020. There have been plenty of murmurings to pique our interest, though. Fans theorised that Devil May Cry 5’s combat lead was working on this one, which has proven to be correct as Square Enix has confirmed that Ryota Suzuki is the combat director, which you can see in the blog linked above. RPGSite (opens in new tab)also reports that Yoshida has also pointed to God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn as the sorts of games he’s “frustrated” Square Enix isn’t making. You can see why people are curious to see more of Final Fantasy 16. 

Check out our PlayStation State of Play live blog to keep up to date with all the reveals 

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