How to get Fortnite Feathers and what theyre used for

Fortnite Feathers are the latest currency added to the battle royale, and you’re about to get a lot more familiar with them. If you remember the Fortnite Color Bottles from last season then the concept here is almost identical, though unlike those previous items there are no collectibles to discover this time around. Instead you’ll be opening plenty of Chests and hoping for the best in Fortnite if you want to round them up, which means it’s a matter of luck how many you actually end up with after each match. If you want the lowdown on Fortnite Feathers, here’s everything we know about them.

How to get Fortnite Feathers

Fortnite Feathers

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For the time being at least, the only way to get Fortnite Feathers is to open Chests, and each time you do so you’ll have a random chance to receive this new in-game currency. You’ll know if you’ve successfully received some feathers when you search a Chest as their image will briefly appear on your screen before zooming into your back bling for safekeeping, as highlighted above. Usually you’ll only receive one, though if you’re lucky you may discover you’ve collected several Fortnite Feathers at once, and you can tell this by checking the number shown against the small feather icon that is displayed alongside the ammo and mats counts to the right of your screen when a Chest is opened.

Fortnite Feathers

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At any point during a match you can confirm your current supply of Fortnite Feathers, by opening the inventory and checking the Currencies section at the top of the screen. Ultimately these are used to purchase Haven’s Masks through the appropriate section of the Battle Pass menu, where you can see how many feathers you have available to spend in the top right corner of the screen. Take a look at our separate Fortnite Haven Masks guide for details of how to unlock each individual mask, and get ready to search a lot of Chests as you’ll need 440 Fortnite Feathers in total to purchase every Haven style available!

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