Where to find Fortnite Sunflower’s Saplings and Fungi Farm

Knowing where to find the Fortnite Sunflower’s Saplings and Fungi Farm landmarks will help you out with a week 4 challenge. You need to plant a Reality Seed at either of these locations to complete the quest, which’ll get you some XP as a reward. Reality Seeds are a relatively new addition to Fortnite and allow you to grow your own loot, so not only will you complete a challenge by planting one in the right spot, you’ll also be helping yourself in a future match! Here’s where you can find the Sunflower’s Saplings and Fungi Farm landmarks in Fortnite.

Fortnite Sunflower’s Saplings and Fungi Farm locations

Fortnite plant a reality seed challenge sunflower's saplings fungi farm map

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Sunflower’s Saplings and Fungi Farms are two landmarks on the Fortnite map that are not marked, so you’ll just need to know where to find them. Use the map above and the descriptions below to help:

  • Sunflower’s Saplings: A little tree sapling farm in the northern half of the map that’s pretty much right in the middle of Sleepy Sound, The Daily Bugle, and Coney Crossroads.
  • Fungi Farm: As the name suggests, a farm with lots of glowing mushrooms that’s southwest of Greasy Grove on the western side of the map.

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