GTA San Andreas is getting a fan remake with help from the Far Cry 5 Dunia engine

A GTA San Andreas fan has taken it upon themselves to remake the game using the Far Cry 5 Dunia engine.

Originally shared in the GTA subreddit, a user known as MapEditorMaster (opens in new tab) is attempting to remake the entirety of GTA San Andreas from scratch. The savvy developer also shares their work to their YouTube channel under the name ‘GHOSTinHELL (opens in new tab) where it looks like they’ve also given visual upgrades to the likes of Dead By Daylight too. 

In the brief clip shared to Reddit, it looks like GHOSTinHELL has already remade Grove Street on the San Andreas map including all of the roads, buildings, and surrounding foliage, as well as a character model who looks to be based on GTA San Andreas’ lead character Carl Johnson.

According to the comments of the post (opens in new tab), GHOSTinHELL is using the Far Cry 5 Dunia engine to recreate San Andreas and plans to not only remake the map but also add “gameplay soon.” The developer is apparently building the entire game from scratch – without the use of mods or any of Rockstar’s original files – and plans to share the entire process soon. 

This isn’t the first time a GTA fan has sought to alter or adapt the recently released GTA Trilogy remasters, which weren’t exactly up to players’ expectations. Since the collection’s release on November 11, 2021, there have been a number of mods released to improve the game including a GTA Trilogy rain mod which corrects the hard-to-see-through heavy rain in the game. The new trilogy was so badly received in fact, Rockstar recently released a statement apologizing for the state of the GTA Trilogy

Find out what the Grand Theft Auto community thinks of the GTA Trilogy’s turbulent launch.

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