Halo Infinite Battle Pass progression system feedback is being listened to, devs say

Halo Infinite developers are listening to feedback about the Halo Infinite Battle Pass progression system.

Yesterday on November 16, 343 director of communications Brian Jarrad shared the information just below via his personal Twitter account. Jarrad thanks players for their feedback in the few days since the open beta for Halo Infinite’s mutliplayer mode went live earlier this week, and pledges to share updates on the game’s Battle Pass progression when they have them.

Thank you to everyone who has jumped into the #HaloInfintie beta so far! FYI the team is looking at Battle Pass progression and gathering data from yesterday’s sessions and we’ll share updates as we have them. Please continue to share feedback and raise flags as you see them. 1/3November 16, 2021

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This all follows after players have spent several days voicing their displeasure at how Halo Infinite Battle Pass progress is handled in 343’s new game. Crucially, Battle Pass XP isn’t earned through in-game performance, but rather entirely through accomplishing various set challenges.

In short, the Halo Infinite community is asking 343 for per-match XP, that guarantees XP based on your in-game performance. As things stand right now, Halo Infinite players feel like it’s unfair that they aren’t rewarded for any heroic in-game deeds, and as such, players aren’t even hitting level two in the Battle Pass after over an hour of playing.

Nonetheless, it’s a positive sign that developer 343 is listening to the feedback from fans, and actively acquiring data for improvements to the shooter. Here’s hoping there’s a nice middle ground struck in Halo Infinite, which offers per-match XP based on in-game performance, as well as periodic challenge-based rewards for players who aren’t so good at the game.

The Halo Infinite multiplayer open beta is live right now, and all progress made here will carry over to the final game when it launches early next month on December 6. In fact, 343 announced earlier this week that Season One for Halo Infinite’s multiplayer would be kicking off later this month on November 23, offering some snazzy in-game cosmetics like samurai-inspired armor.

Check out our Halo Infinite Tenrai event guide for how to snag the new armor when it unlocks next week.

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