Which Horizon Forbidden West Aether, Poseidon or Demeter quest should you do first?

The Horizon Forbidden West Aether, Poseidon or Demeter choice will see you choosing between three potential main missions. These are levelled at 17, 22, and 24 so, depending on how much you’ve done on the side, you could easily start with the hardest option if you want. However, what’s the best one to do first, and does it really matter what order you go in? Well, considering there extremely useful bits of gear for Aloy hidden behind each the missions, you might want to do them in the order we’ve got here. 

So, coming up, we’ll explain what the missions involve and what you’ll get for doing them. Obviously, there are spoilers ahead, but if you already know about the Horizon Forbidden West Aether Poseidon or Demeter choice, you’ll already know broadly what we’re about to discuss. However, we’re not going to outline the full mission specifics overall, just the basic reward stuff to help you chose, so you can look out suggestions without ruining anything. 

The Horizon Forbidden West Aether, Poseidon or Demeter choice explained

horizon forbidden west aether poseidon demeter

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Once you’ve retrieved Gaia and have established your mountain base, she will tell you need to recover three specific subordinate AI functions to help boost her power – Aether, Poseidon and Demeter. These main quests are outlined as followed: 

  • The Broken Sky, Level 17 – Aloy must travel to the heart of Tenakth territory in search of AETHER – one of Gaia’s lost subordinate functions. 
  • The Sea of Sands, Level 22 – In search of POSEIDON, one of Gaia’s lost subordinate functions, Aloy must journey through a vast desert to reach the ruins of Las Vegas.
  • Seeds of the Past, Level 24 – To recover DEMETER, one of Gaia’s subordinate functions, Aloy must traverse a vast expanse of wilderness to reach the far western coast. 

Now, as we mentioned, you can do these whatever order you like but we would definitely advise doing the Sea of Sands to get Poseidon first. This mission will unlock the diving mask to let you breath under water.

horizon forbidden west aether poseidon demeter

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This is obviously a massively useful piece of kit that will open up a huge amount of exploration and let you reach a lot of new areas. There are numerous sunken caverns and large bodies of water you can’t get too far into until you have it, for example. Basically, removing ‘drowning’ from the equation is always good maths. 

After that, the Seeds of the Past to recover Demeter is probably the next most useful as you’ll unlock the Vine Cutter ability to clear the Metal Flowers that block your path all over the map. It’s maybe not quite as essential, as there are only crafting resources and collectibles to be found behind these leafy barriers, but it will definitely let you get more stuff, more quickly.  

The Broken Sky mission to retrieve Aether will unlock Tear arrows, which will blow components off machines. These are a vital tool for getting specific parts off machines without destroy them, but obviously not quite as game changing as the diving mask or Vine Cutter. 

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