Should you choose Yarra or Drakka in Horizon Forbidden West

You’ll have to choose Yarra or Drakka in Horizon Forbidden West Gate of the Vanquished, a quest that sees two Tenakth leaders clash over ruling their tribe. Trouble is, Tenakth political resolution is generally fatal for someone. Aloy will have it explained in the build up to this Horizon Forbidden West mission that not only will the loser be killed, but all respective factions will then fight to the death all over the territory. The implication is there’s potentially a big death toll, which makes it sound like there’s a lot to play for here.

The Horizon Forbidden West Yarra or Drakka decision in Gate of the Vanquished explained

Horizon Forbidden West Yarra or Drakka

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When you arrive at the map marker for the Gate of the Vanquished Horizon Forbidden West quest it’s pretty much straight into it. You can speak to both Yarra and Drakka to hear what they have to say. The short version is that they both think the other is up to no good and and a small civil war is the only possible solution.  

Once you’ve heard them talk you have the following options: 

  • Side with Yarra
  • Side with Drakka
  • You both need to stand down

Unfortunately, the ‘stand down’ option is a red herring. Choosing it will see Aloy make a very logical and impassioned speech about working together being the best option and, while correct and well made, will just see the pair deciding killing is definitely the only way forward. The only upside is that you’ll reduce the death count to a small arena battle, not the entire tribe. 

The good or bad news, depending on how you feel about all this, is that it doesn’t really make a difference who you pick. Everything will play out the same, just with whoever lives in place. Making a choice will trigger a small arena fight between you and the side you chose, and the other side. It’s over when you win and then the opposing character is executed. 

It’s a decision, then, that doesn’t really have any lasting ramification beyond the person left in charge. There’s a later mission you can get from either Yarra or Drakka, depending on who lived, but the dialogue and quest is the same either way. 

So there you go: pick who you want as it doesn’t really matter – you get the same follow up mission either way from whoever’s left. 

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