Horizon Forbidden West player is attempting to achieve 40,000 damage from a single arrow

A Horizon Forbidden West player is attempting to max out the damage they can do with a single arrow – and the record currently stands at 39,518. 

As shared in the Horizon subreddit, user u/slazenger7 (opens in new tab) demonstrated just how much damage their powerful arrow can do and told other players exactly how they managed to pull off the feat themselves. 

forbidden_west_the_ultimate_high_damage_arrow_for from r/horizon

According to the top comment beneath the post – shared by the original poster – this powerhouse of a weapon is made up of a level 5 Forgefall with two coils granting 25% long range damage, two more coils granting 25% stealth damage, and a final fifth coil that offers 25% high ground damage. Add to that all possible skills equipped as well as the focused shot weapon technique, and finally the Ranged Master Valor Surge at level 3. It also carried out on ‘Very Hard’ difficulty on patch 1.12 – more on why that’s important later. 

As you can see from the video embedded above, this combination clearly works a treat as this player is able to take the far-away enemy out with minimal effort. If you want to know in even more depth how this move was carried out, you can read a full explanation in the comments of the Reddit post. (opens in new tab) This isn’t even the first time this user has shared this kind of post, as just two hours earlier they shared a slightly different build (opens in new tab) that managed to get them up to 21,081 damage. Clearly, a lot of progress was made in those two short hours. 

It’s important to note what version of Horizon Forbidden West this player is playing on as it does actually make a difference to the weapons. As explained in the post, the Horizon Forbidden West 1.12 patch actually nerfed the Stealth Stalker Valor Surge. This wouldn’t be the only Horizon Forbidden West player unhappy with the nerfs to legendary weapons

The 1.12 update also limits some of the weapon abilities with the example given in the post being the Forgefall that doesn’t get the full concentration bonus listed on its weapon card. This player has their sights set on future updates though where they’re hoping this will be fixed and allow the weapon to exceed 40,000 damage, setting a new record. 

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