Horizon Forbidden West player takes down a Tremortusk with three 5,000 damage shots

In Horizon Forbidden West, the mighty, elephant-like Tremeortusk doesn’t fare so well against a properly-equipped Aloy.

Reddit user CaptainKart shared their four-figure hit on an unsuspecting Tremortusk, who doesn’t stand a chance as it’s taken down in three clean strikes. Tremortusks are hardy machines; despite being slow, they are fully armoured and equipped with multiple ranged weapons. To help out, CaptainKart activated Aloy’s Powershots Valor Surge before taking on the mountain of a beast. The player aims first at the weapons on the shoulders and then the underbelly, which carries an explosive liquid that causes the machine to explode from the inside out before burning the exterior. The first two arrows do 5.7k damage each, chipping away at most of the Tremortusk’s health before the final shot to the underbelly causes it to die a terrifying death by fire. 

In this clip, Aloy is wearing the Tenakth Tactician armour which gives an additional +50% boost when mounted, which is why CaptainKurt has his Aloy on a Charger. Another perk of the armour is the 80% increase in damage for health under 50%, so before taking on the Tremortusk Aloy launches an explosive spike into the ground and stands by it waiting for it to explode thus causing her health to drop. Finally, Aloy is equipped with the Forgefall legendary weapon upgraded to the max. You don’t have to buff Aloy up to this degree, but, there’s certainly a sense of satisfaction and pride watching such a big beast fall in less than a minute.

While CaptainKart’s efforts are impressive, Horizon Forbidden West players have been busy one-upping each other to see just how much damage they can inflict, and the record is currently set at almost 40,000 damage in a single shot. To deal that much hurt, you’ll need to use the same maxed-out Forgefall weaponry, and focus your fire on one very unfortunate bandit. 

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