House of the Dead remake looks to be heading to Stadia as well as Switch

It looks like the House of the Dead Remake may be on the way to Google Stadia.

Although it hasn’t been formally announced by either Google or publisher Sega, a rating of the game recently popped up on the ESRB website (opens in new tab) and was spotted by Stadia Source (opens in new tab), hinting that the remake may be making an appearance on Google’s streaming service. 

The remakes of both House of the Dead 1 and 2 were announced way back in 2019 (opens in new tab) by Publisher Forever Entertainment, which was pretty clear at the time that “no platforms or release dates have been confirmed, and unfortunately we can’t say anything more for now”. It then popped up again in 2021 at a Nintendo Indie World Showcase (opens in new tab), leading many to suspect the games may be exclusive to the Switch. Apparently not, though.

The rating description suggests House of the Dead hasn’t changed much from its arcade days, by the way.

“​​This is a first-person shooter in which players assume the role of an agent investigating a mysterious mansion in Europe,” the ESRB listing says. “Players use pistols, assault rifles, shotguns, and grenade launchers to shoot and kill enemy creatures (e.g., mutants, zombies) inside the mansion.

“Large blood-splatter effects and viscera are depicted as enemies are decapitated/dismembered. Combat is frenetic, accompanied by gunfire, screams of pain, and large explosions. A handful of enemy creatures are depicted with exposed buttocks.”

While we’re on the topic of zombie games, I hope you haven’t given up on Dead Island 2 just yet. There’s been a lot of ​​Dead Island 2 is in “active development” (opens in new tab) news and rumors lately, but a recent Q&A following an investor’s report suggests we should see the game by 2023 at the latest (opens in new tab).

“I can’t talk about Dead Island 2 because it’s not announced, as such, from the publisher, but we have just talked about – we have one unannounced triple-A title that you think is Dead Island 2,” Embracer CEO Lars Wingefors said when asked about the sequel in the company’s latest investor meeting. “It’s hard for me to comment further on that. But I’m excited about unannounced titles.”

An elaborate hoax to put us off the scent of a 2022 release? Hmm. Maybe. But suffice to say, Dead Island 2 is coming – either this year or next…

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