Marvels Kingpin reveals plan to become the next US President in Devils Reign #1

Wilson Fisk’s rise from Kingpin of crime to duly elected mayor of New York City hit its climax in December 8’s Devil’s Reign #1 (opens in new tab) from writer Chip Zdarsky and artists Marco Checchetto and Marcio Menyz, in which Fisk enacts the plan at the heart of the Devil’s Reign event, to ban superheroes from New York City – and hopefully, beyond.

However, Devil’s Reign #1 reveals that outlawing superheroes is just the tip of the iceberg for what Fisk seems to be planning, not just for the five boroughs, but for the entire Marvel Universe – and if his plans come to fruition, they could represent a totally unprecedented threat to the world of Marvel Comics.

Spoilers ahead for Devil’s Reign #1

Devil's Reign #1 excerpt

Devil’s Reign #1 excerpt (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

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Following New York City Mayor Wilson Fisk’s realization that, though he once had files containing the secret identity of Daredevil, they’ve suddenly turned blank and he can no longer remember who Daredevil is, he announces his policy that all superheroes are banned from New York City.

What’s more, he institutes a special police force of roaming bands of super-powered villains and lackeys he names the Thunderbolts, (including former Thunderbolts warden John Walker/US Agent, who was part of the Thunderbolts (opens in new tab) when it was a rehabilitation program for villains). 

The new Thunderbolts immediately begin trying to arrest heroes such as Miles Morales, Captain America, and Luke Cage, who is tricked into displaying his powers and technically breaking the law by the Shocker, one of the villains who was under Cage’s supervision when he too was part of the former Thunderbolts rehab program.

Devil's Reign #1 excerpt

Devil’s Reign #1 excerpt (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

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As the Thunderbolts spread across the city, a resistance of heroes including Cap, Miles, Moon Knight, both current Daredevils Matt Murdock and Elektra, and more begins forming underground. And at the same time, Tony Stark announces a plan to run for mayor against Fisk to help fight his plans above board – a somewhat ironic position considering he was on the side of superhero registration back in the landmark Civil War (opens in new tab) event.

And at the same time, Doctor Octopus, under the auspices of Fisk’s Thunderbolts, takes control of the Fantastic Four’s Forever Gate which can travel to any place or time in all the Marvel Multiverse, setting up the upcoming Devil’s Reign: Superior Four tie-in.

But beyond his plan to outlaw superheroes in New York City, theoretically paving the way for his son Butch Fisk, the current ‘Kingpin of Crime’, to run the city unopposed, Fisk reveals much larger ambitions.

Behind the scenes, Fisk has captured Zebediah Killgrave, the mind-controlling villain known as the Purple Man, whose children used their own mind-control powers to help hide Daredevil’s secret identity by messing with Fisk’s mind. Confronting Killgrave, who is imprisoned in a chamber that renders his pheromone-based mind-control powers inert, Fisk at first seems to want to enlist the Purple Man.

Devil's Reign #1 excerpt

Devil’s Reign #1 excerpt (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

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However, when he lets Killgrave out, Killgrave predictably tries to mind control him to kill himself – though Fisk’s “will is too strong” to be subject to Killgrave’s powers. And in this moment, Fisk reveals the next stage of his plan.

As Fisk seemingly stabs Purple Man to death, he states that “someone more worthy” should possess Purple Man’s mind control powers “for a better world” – while elsewhere, the Stromwyns, Fisk’s big money political allies, scheme over posters that say “Fisk for President.”

That’s right – Wilson Fisk is planning a run for US President.

The story continues in December 29’s Devil’s Reign #2 (opens in new tab).

Kingpin isn’t the first Marvel character to run for US President – in fact, several superheroes including Captain America, Wonder Woman, and even Thor have won the highest seat in the US. Read all about it in our superheroes as super Presidents article.

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