Lego Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck set strides back into stock

After thoroughly impressing everyone at launch with its impressive lanky Tallneck and an adorable little Aloy minifigure, the Lego Horizon Forbidden West set is back in stock again. You can grab it at Amazon for $79.99 (opens in new tab), and although this isn’t a ‘deal’, it’s hard enough to find that you may want to take note.

Having only just come out at the beginning of May, it’s no surprise that the Lego Horizon Forbidden West set has been dropping in and out of stock – it caused quite a stir when it was first announced. Made up of 1,222 pieces, it contains enough parts for a scenic base, a Watcher figure, and a minifig of series hero Aloy. 

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Lego Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck | $79.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
This kit has only been out a few weeks and is already dipping in and out of stock. As such, we’d recommend diving on it now while it’s available – you may not get another chance for a while.

Life is good for fans of the Horizon franchise right now; besides this kit (which is arguably one of the best Lego sets we’ve had recently), a fantastic Horizon Zero Dawn board game hit shelves not too long ago. With any luck, more Lego sets from Horizon will join the Tallneck soon.

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