Lost Ark Ghost Ship locations and how to get Eibern’s Wound

Lost Ark Ghost Ships are among the most daunting endgame activities. Luckily for all you brave warriors, they’re also among the most rewarding ones. We’re talking Harmony Shards, Cards, Pirate Coins, and more. 

Unfortunately, the ghostly crew isn’t the only thing keeping you from your well-deserved bounty; the real challenge is finding the Ghost Ship locations and making sure you get in.

For every Lost Ark players confused by Ghost Ship spawn times, spawn locations, and item level requirements, here’s a spooky ship guide to help you out. 

How to unlock Ghost Ships in Lost Ark

Lost Ark Ghost Ship locations

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First things first; what are those Ghost Ships, and how do you unlock them? The Ghost Ships are an end-game feature, so no need to worry about them if you’re still following the main questline. Only when you’ve completed the Wavestrand Port quests will you unlock the sailing feature, which is the first step towards reaching the Ghost Ships.

To sum up, here’s what needs to happen:

  1. Continue the main quests to unlock the sailing feature and get your first ship.
  2. Complete the following quests from the Queen at North Vern: A New Voyage and Wall of Procyon.
  3. Upgrade your ship to level 2.
  4. Go to Rohendel, the western part of the map. This is where the Ghost Ship spawn locations are. 

Lost Ark Ghost Ship locations

Lost Ark Ghost Ship locations

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There are only three Ghost Ship locations in Lost Ark. Don’t just pick one randomly, as they come with their own difficulty level. Take a look at your character’s item level, and set sail to the most suitable Ghost Ship: 

  • Nightmare Ghost Ship: item level 460
  • Shadow Ghost Ship: item level 960
  • Tempest Ghost Ship: item level 1370

Needless to say, first-timers should go for the Nightmare Ghost Ship.

How to complete Ghost Ship Raids in Lost Ark

Lost Ark Ghost Ship locations

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Unfortunately, you can’t conquer the Ghost Ships as often as you’d like. There are a few rules:

  1. Ghost Ship raids are a weekly event. The week resets on Wednesdays.
  2. You can only clear a Ghost Ship with one character. If you want to use another character, wait for the weekly reset.
  3. Ghost Ships spawn sporadically, so it’s hard to predict the date and time. Don’t go park at the Ghost Ship location; if you want to know when the next Ghost Ship spawns, use Procyon’s Compass (see picture). 

You don’t need to worry about finding a party beforehand; if you’re not in a group, you’ll be matched with other players automatically. Beware of the damage dealt to your ship in these dangerous waters though. If you arrive way before the Ghost Ship spawns, your ship may not survive. 

The fight itself is just a matter of defeating the enemies as you normally would. It’s not an easy fight, so make sure to bring your best equipment, potions, and throwables. You may also want to recruit crew members with the ‘Fighter: Ghost Ship’ trait. Oh, and most importantly: bring Phoenix Feathers for instant resurrection. If you die without them, you can’t respawn on the Ghost Ship.

Ghost Ship rewards in Lost Ark

Beating Ghost Ship events is rewarded with a selection of the following items:

  • Pirate Coins
  • Destruction and Guardian Stones
  • Harmony Shards
  • Star’s Breath
  • Cards
  • Engravings
  • Your own Ghost Ship. Yes, you can claim one of these spooky vessels for yourself! We’ll explain that in more detail below.

How to get Ghost Ship Eibern’s Wound

Lost Ark Ghost Ship locations

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To obtain your very own Ghost Ship, you need to do the daily quest ‘Bleak Night Fog’. You can find it under the ‘Daily’ tab in Una’s Tasks. The objective is simple: complete Ghost Ship events. Repeat this quest at least twelve times to get enough reputation points (don’t forget to claim these in the Una’s Tasks menu) and get Eibern’s Wound as a reward. 

Best of luck on your ghostly Lost Ark adventures!

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