Mistborn author says Elden Ring publisher approached him about a project – and he already has a Soulsborne pitch

Elden Ring publisher Bandai Namco sent Mistborn author Brandon Sanderson a bunch of themed goodies and asked him if he wants to collaborate in the future. 

In a recent livestream (opens in new tab), the Mistborn and Wheel of Time author opened an Elden Ring promotional gift from Bandai Namco that contained a number of collectibles including a map of The Lands Between, a woodcut, a cloak, and a huge sword. 

More interestingly, Sanderson also received a note in the package which says that Bandai Namco (and perhaps also FromSoftware) is interested in perhaps working on a project together in the future. 

In the livestream, Sanderson revealed: “I actually have a pitch for them, in the back of my head […] so I may have to send them my pitch and see what they think.” As VGC (opens in new tab) reported, he also specified that he’s considered a possible story for “a Soulsborne sort of game” before and reiterated his love of FromSoftware’s action RPGs. 

This might not be a total surprise for fans of the author, who back in December revealed that he has been “working on a video game for several years.” There’s no way of knowing if the game Sanderson was previously working on has anything to do with Bandai Namco or FromSoftware – though the tone of Bandai’s note suggests this is their first professional interaction – but the writer did say at the time: “It’s a game company many of you will have heard of.” 

In the same December 2021 update, Sanderson also said that the mysterious game was “not for one of my properties, but something new that I built with [the studio.]” This sounds pretty similar to Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin’s role on Elden Ring, but by the sound of it, this project is probably still in its early stages, so we shouldn’t expect a big reveal on whatever Sanderson is working on just yet. Likewise, it seems that his possible collaboration with Bandai is currently just a speculative pitch at most. 

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