Moon Knight fans think they’ve worked out who killed Layla’s father

Moon Knight episode 4 features the revelation that Marc Spector had something to do with Layla’s father’s death. Spoilers ahead.

In episode 4, we learn that Layla’s father, Abdullah El-Faouly, was an archaeologist as she emotionally reflects on how proud he would be to see her in Alexander the Great’s tomb. However, during a chat with Arthur Harrow, the seed is planted that Marc may have been involved in his death at the hands of mercenaries. 

Confronting her husband about this, Layla asks Marc straight out if he killed her father. He denies his involvement explaining: “I was there. My partner got greedy and he executed everyone at the dig site. I tried to save your father, but I couldn’t save him.” Marc also reveals he was shot too by his mysterious partner and should have died that night.

Harrow interrupted them with his men before we could find out who exactly his partner was – but could a fan theory have cracked it?

Who is Marc’s partner in Moon Knight? 

Moon Knight episode 4

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A new theory suggests that Marc’s partner may have been another of his personalities, Jake Lockley. The character, who has not been introduced in the show yet, is a taxi driver known for his violent tendencies. 

Fans think his appearance has already been teased. In episode 3, it was hinted there was another personality after both Steven Grant and Marc had no memory of killing Harrow’s men. As well as this, in episode 4, it seemed like someone was trying to get out of the sarcophagus in Putnam Psychiatric Hospital.

If Lockley is about to be introduced in the show, some think it may have been him who is behind El-Faouly’s death. Speculating about this, one Reddit user wrote (opens in new tab): “I think the Jake personality might have been the ‘partner’ Marc alluded to who executed Layla’s father and his team. We already know the 3rd personality is extremely violent from the brief scene in episode 3.”

They continued: “When Marc says that his partner shot him too, he could mean that Jake shot ‘himself’ in an attempt to get rid of Marc or vice versa?” Another fan agreed, admitting it would explain why Marc was so keen to avoid opening the other sarcophagus. 

However, if the show does go down this road, it will be veering from the same storyline in the comics. In the Doug Moench and Bill Sienkiewicz run, it was another character entirely behind Layla’s dad’s murder. 

Who kills Layla’s father in the Moon Knight comics? 

Layla is seemingly a proxy for the comic book character Marlene, and the identity of Marlene’s father’s killer in the comics is a character called Raoul Bushman. Bushman is one of the main villains of the Moon Knight series and is a brutal mercenary who Marc works for. Marlene is the daughter of Dr. Peter Alraune. He was an archaeologist working on a dig site that Bushman and his men decided to steal from in hopes of finding gold. 

Marc was working for the crime lord on the mission at the time and saved Bushman’s life after Alraune attempted to stab him. In retaliation, Bushman brutally murdered Alraune as Marc looked on. 

It’s not clear whether Bushman will be introduced in the Disney Plus series after head writer and executive producer Jeremy Slater addressed his absence. He was asked by a fan on Twitter about the decision to make Arthur Harrow’s character the main villain in the Disney Plus show. 

Justifying this, he said (opens in new tab): “Because his only recognizable villain was Bushman, who just felt too close to Black Panther’s Erik Killmonger. So we decided to invent a villain instead. Ethan Hawke in particular was instrumental in creating Harrow.”

We’ll just have to wait and see what revelations come when Moon Knight returns for episode 5. Check out our guide to the Moon Knight release schedule as well as the best shows on Disney Plus right now. If you haven’t already, subscribe to Disney Plus now (opens in new tab)

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