New Steam survival hit Raft smashes past 100,000 concurrent players

Raft is a certified hit, having surpassed over 100,000 concurrent players on PC.

Redbeet Interactive’s survival game has just launched out of early access, four years after first being made available on Steam. Around one week later, Raft has surpassed over 100,000 concurrent players worldwide on Valve’s storefront, peaking at exactly 101,096 players as of yesterday on June 26 (according to SteamDB (opens in new tab)).

The Steam database website shows Raft has maintained a solid player base since it fully launched last week. The game released with around 60,000 concurrent players, maintaining a concurrent player count of approximately 80,000 players every day in the week following launch.

Up until now, the peak player count for Raft had been around 90,000, which the new milestone has comfortably surpassed. What’s more, SteamDB reveals Raft started out life after early access with a staggering 200,000 total viewers on Twitch, dipping every day following, hitting 57,278 viewers yesterday on June 26.

This success has been a long time coming for Raft: it actually launched back in 2016 as a tiny indie game on, before hitting Steam two years later in 2018 in the early access model. It’s great to see the long game paying off for Redbeet Interactive, with a flourishing player base following launch all these years later.

The final launch doesn’t mean Redbeet is done working on Raft, though. When the 1.0 launch took away the game’s offline mode, a community outcry prompted the developers to actually resurrect it, although the studio warned it might not be an optimal experience, with numerous bugs reported. Either way, offline mode is now back and active in Raft.

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