Nintendo wants to reward you for doing things you’re probably already doing with your Switch

Nintendo has launched a new Missions and Reward incentive for Nintendo Switch Online members, and all you need to do is what you’re already doing with your Switch. 

Revealed today via the official Nintendo website (opens in new tab) (Thanks, Nintendo Life (opens in new tab)), the new ‘Missions and Rewards’ program for Nintendo Switch Online encourages players to use the exclusive subscription service in exchange for My Nintendo Platinum Points, which can in turn be exchanged for digital wallpapers, physical rewards from the My Nintendo Store, and new member-exclusive icon elements – which can be combined to make a new user icon. 

Located on the left tab of the Nintendo Switch Online portal on the Switch, a new section called ‘Missions & Rewards’ is now available. Here players will be able to check weekly missions, which are all super easy to complete. Some examples found on the Nintendo website include, ‘Play software that supports Online Play’, ‘Play NES Software’, and ‘Back Up Save Game Data’. Nothing that would challenge Tom Cruise.

Once completed, players can claim the My Nintendo Platinum Points and spend them on the rewards listed above. The icon element rewards are currently themed around Super Mario Odyssey and Animal Crossing: New Horizons residents who have a birthday in March (eg: Barold, Lolly, Dom) but the selection will be refreshed every week. 

In terms of what real-world items are up for grabs, a quick scan of the My Nintendo Store website (opens in new tab) reveals the likes of Pokemon-themed cable holders, Animal Crossing: New Horizons wrapping paper, Metroid Dread pins, a Super Mario calendar. They’re all redeemable for 500 platinum points or less. 

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