Overwatch 2 supports say theyre getting dumpstered, and Blizzard agrees

The Overwatch 2 beta is here, and Support players aren’t happy one bit.

The first public playtest for Blizzard’s shooter sequel launched last week, introducing the 5v5 twist to the original 6v6 formula we’d come to know so well. It turns out players think this player change has had a negative impact on Support characters in particular as, since the post below explains, they’re incredibly vulnerable without a second Tank character to protect them now.

Elsewhere, other Overwatch 2 players definitely think the professional players aren’t adequately equipped to understand the problem with Support characters. As the post just below explains, there’s a big disconnect between how the average player and pro player performs with Support characters, and that might be giving disingenuous feedback to developer Blizzard.

Finally, one post just below explains that only Lucio is currently up to par with the rest of Overwatch 2. While many think Lucio apparently needs nerfing, this player argues that it’s actually the rest of the Support characters that should be bought up to his level, as he’s the only Support character currently kitted out to keep pace with the wider game.

However, things might not be quite so hopeless as the Overwatch 2 community makes out. Just yesterday, Blizzard announced a forthcoming hero rebalance patch would be arriving later this week, aimed at bringing a slew of characters in line with developer expectations. Blizzard specifically mentioned Support heroes as being a focus for the new patch, and that’s surely big great news for players.

Check out our current Overwatch 2 beta impressions from our time with the game so far.

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