Every Far Cry 6 Supremo and Resolver weapons worth getting

The best Far Cry 6 Supremo and Resolver weapons can wreck devastation on your enemies. But it can take some time to find and unlock the best ones. Which is a shame considering they’re some of the best equipment in the game that can redefining how you play the game. Coming up below we’ll not only outline the best Far Cry 6 Supremos backpacks and Resolver guns you should get, but the where and how to find them as soon as they’re available. 

If you’re still unsure, there’s a different between Supremos and Resolver weapons that even Far Cry 6 doesn’t explain all that clearly. Supremos backpack are basically like an Ult ability you can unless once charged – think things like rocket salvos, flame blasts and so on. While Resolver guns are basically special legendary weapons that might just be hopped up power wise, or have a certain unique ability. Both Far Cry 6 Supremos and Resolver weapons are hugely valuable, and can require some resource hunting to unlock. To help you do that easier we’ve outlined them all below to help you chose and get them.

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How to get Far Cry 6 Depleted Uranium and get more Supremos and Resolvers

Far Cry 6 supremo resolver purchase

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

The majority of Far Cry 6 Supremos and Resolver weapons are bought from Juan Cortez and his traders, unlocked after his first encounter mission, “Juan of a Kind” and expanding greatly after completing “Libertad Rises” and getting off the first island. 

From that point on, you can buy Supremos and Resolver weapons by spending Depleted Uranium at Juan’s shop on the Zamok Archipielago at the rebel headquarters, or by talking to any of his arms dealers in the main rebel bases. Depleted Uranium is found at anti-aircraft bases and key enemy fortresses spread across the map, usually in special containers that are marked on your map as you get close to them. You can also unlock more Supremos and Resolvers to buy as you rank up, effectively expanding Juan’s stock and giving yourself more options.

However, it’s also true that on rare occasions Supremos and Resolver weapons can be found in the wild, as a reward for completing certain quests and missions. These are definitely rare and the majority are bought from Juan, but it’s still possible to find more without having to spend nuclear payloads to get them. We’ve outlined these special exceptions below.

How to use Far Cry 6 Supremos

Far Cry 6 supremo use

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Supremos usually provide the players with an “Ultimate Ability”. They’re large backpacks with powerful devices built into them and triggered with LR/R1, or LB/RB depending on your controller. These abilities vary but can often change the course of a battle. The only thing is, they take time to refuel again, recharged by Dani killing enemies with standard weapons and attacks. 

Because of their cooldown time, Supremos shouldn’t be used lightly, instead saved for the ideal opportunity. Use them to get yourself out of dangerous situations or to beat challenges that seem insurmountable. It can also sometimes be valid to use them at the very start of a big firefight, because ideally you’ll have killed enough Castillos by the end to recharge it for a second use. 

Finally, Supremos serve as the means by which players carry equipment, effectively modding onto each one the ability to carry certain grenades, tools and explosives. This means that if you’ve kitted out one to hold dynamite, swapping to another Supremo means you won’t be holding it anymore, at least until you go to a workbench and add it on.

Best Far Cry 6 Supremos

Best Far Cry 6 Supremos

Far Cry 6 exterminador best supremo

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

There’s a variety of Far Cry 6 Supremos out there, ranging from offensive, defensive and even healing powers, but here’s some we found especially good and worth keeping in mind – and all of these can be obtained early in the game too.

  • Exterminador: The starting Supremo you get for free is one of the best, and remains hard to beat for pure offensive firepower. It launches numerous missiles that lock onto nearby opponents and do massive damage – what more could you want? For a simple, fight-ending Ultimate, this one is hard to beat.
  • Furioso: The Furioso has a rather lacklustre ability, creating a ring of fire around the player, but what makes it well worth another look is its secondary power to function as a limited jetpack. By pressing the jump button again in midair, the Furioso allows players to air-dash horizontally while leaving a trail of fire behind them. This isn’t a cooldown ability, players can do this as much as they want, giving a huge advantage in platforming, battlefield control and versatility. 
  • Medico: The Medico is an outside choice, but works great for co-op and playing with friends. It revives and heals everybody in a close proximity for a time after activation, sacrificing firepower for survivability and making you Yara’s own cleric healer. It’s not especially helpful in single player, but nothing will make you more popular in co-op mode than strapping one of these to your back. 

All Far Cry 6 Supremo locations, abilities and unlock conditions

As far as we know there’s a total of seven Supremos in the whole of Far Cry 6, offering a range of options when it comes to use. We’ve listed where to get them all below, as well as a brief description of their abilities so you know what to expect. 

Exterminador (starting Supremo)

Far Cry 6 best supremo exterminador

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

As mentioned, the Exterminador is the best Supremo for pure offensive firepower, launching a barrage of homing missiles that should end practically any threat ahead of you. It’s given to you for free by Juan early in the game, but you can use it effectively across the campaign.

Fantasma (unlocked at Juan’s at Rank 3)

Far Cry 6 Fantasma supremo

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

The Fantasma is a more insidious weapon that launches a salvo of special poison that drives enemies into a berserk state and turns them on each other. It’s definitely effective, though it feels like it’s taking a little more of a circuitous route to just end up at the same place the Exterminador Supremo gets you to instantly.

Furioso (unlocked at Juan’s at Rank 3)

Far Cry 6 best supremo furioso

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

We spoke about it already, but the Furioso’s advantage is less the mediocre attack power, sending out a ring of flames, but its incredible ability to redefine platforming and manoeuvrability. It’s secondary air-dash move has no cooldown whatsoever and leaves a trail of fire that can devastate nearby opponents (just be sure not to walk backwards into it).

Medico (unlocked at Juan’s at Rank 3)

Far Cry 6 best supremo Medico

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

If you’re playing alone this probably isn’t a wise choice. Background health regeneration is not a bad thing by any means, but it’s not better than missile strikes or poison gas. However, in the context of team attacks and revives, the Medico is much, much better, as restoring multiple team members to fighting form is much better than a single person getting some health back.

Volta (unlocked at Juan’s at Rank 3)

Far Cry 6 best supremo volta

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

A (somewhat) stealthier option, the Volta creates an EMP pulse that knocks down enemies, shuts down alarms and cameras, and allows you to hijack vehicles. It’s not great, in reality – the trigger makes a short-range noise (not ideal for stealth) and once you’re in a firefight it’s a bit limited. However, it does have one key use – if you see an enemy running for the alarm, triggering the Volta will ensure they can’t summon reinforcements.

Gladiador (unlocked at Juan’s at Rank 5)

Far Cry 6 best supremo gladiador

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

A later purchase, the Gladiador is designed to trigger a berserker mode, boosting movement speed and health along with your melee attacks. It’s pretty contextual but also has the chance to be pretty fun – make a build based around tanking and running, cutting down Castillos like a juggernaut. 

Triador (complete the Traida Blessings mission)

Far Cry 6 triador supremo

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

The only Supremo that can’t be obtained via Juan’s Arms Dealers, the Triador is a mystical Supremo given to you when you complete the map-spanning side quest, Traida Blessings, which starts in the cave East of the main hideout in Quito. It allows you to see enemies through solid surfaces, and when combined with the La Varita rifle (which you get from the same mission), you can shoot through walls and solid objects, making enemy cover meaningless. It’s a pretty good Supremo considering you can use it both in stealth and combat, even if it does look a bit odd in a modern-day context.

Best Far Cry 6 Resolver weapons

Far Cry 6 Resolver weapons

Far Cry 6 best resolver weapons

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Far Cry 6 Resolver weapons are special weapons that function unlike any other in the game. Unlike Unique Weapons, which are basically reskinned standard guns with certain attachments, the Resolver Weapons are designed to be… well, actually unique. They might have weird effects or new powers built into them, and their oddness makes them all wildcards. It’s entirely possible to build your entire loadout around on, and we recommend experimenting to see which ones speak to you specifically. 

Best Far Cry 6 Resolver weapons

Far Cry 6 best resolver weapons

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

We’re still working our way through all the variety of Far Cry 6 Resolver weapons, but we’ve already found some exemplary firearms that players should try out.

  • El Besito: Similar to the flamethrower, the El Besito instead sprays a mind-controlling poison that turns enemies to your side, not to mention fuelling any fire you spray it on. If you’re outnumbered and in danger, getting several enemies affected by this can quickly turn the tide in your favour.
  • El Muro: The El Muro is a short-range, pistol-sized shotgun. Though effective on its own, what makes it powerful is that it comes with a giant metal shield in the player’s other hand. It’s an incredibly good option for players who go aggressive, and pairs well with tank-focused builds.
  • El Susurro: This nailgun works as a short-range silent pistol, punching holes in opponents and dropping them instantly if you can land a headshot. It’s not quite as good in open warfare, but considering much of the early game is spent looking for a ranged silenced gun, this one will do nicely.

All Far Cry 6 Resolver weapons locations, abilities and unlock conditions

There are 11 Far Cry 6 Resolver weapons spread across the entirety of the map, and the majority are bought from Juan or any of his dealers for Depleted Uranium. Like with Supremos, more of these will unlock in his store as you increase your rank, and they have unique customisation options that usually play into their special abilities in some way. 

Tostador (starting Resolver weapon)

Far Cry 6 best resolver weapon tostador

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Gained for free from Juan as part of Resolver weapons’ introduction, the Tostador isn’t complicated: it’s a flamethrower, and that’s it. Its range is decent and the fire it creates lasts and spreads, making whole areas dangerous, though it’s a little hard to control and can work against you – after all, you’re not fireproof either (at least not without the right equipment).

El Muro (unlocked at Juan’s at Rank 3)

Far Cry 6 best resolver weapon el muro

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Again, the El Muro is very, very good. It’s not especially versatile as a gun, but in terms of close-range, full-on combat it’s hard to beat, especially if you build your loadout accordingly. The accompanying shield on the other hand won’t protect you from absolutely everything, but stay agile and keep the enemies ahead of you, and you should be able to punch through whatever comes your way.

La Clavadora (unlocked at Juan’s at Rank 3)

Far Cry 6 best resolver weapon la clavadora

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

This big crossbow is basically a high-impact sniper rifle, killing most foes in one shot and going through them into other opponents. It’s best used in that context, from a distance and from cover. Once you’re in a gunfight, it’s time to switch back to something else, but until then it should be very effective.

El Besito (unlocked at Juan’s at Rank 3)

Far Cry 6 best resolver weapon el besito

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Similar to the flamethrower, the El Besito instead uses poison to turn enemies to your side so they attack each other. The advantage of this is pretty obvious – it’s better to have enemies working for you than lying on the floor working for nobody. The disadvantage is that it can be a little tricky to get a proper dose of the stuff in your opponents’ faces, but if you play defensively and let them come to you, you can start building a small army even in the middle of the fight.

Pyrotechno (unlocked at Juan’s at Rank 4)

Far Cry 6 best resolver weapon pyrotechno

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

The Pyrotechno is a rocket launcher of a sort, firing a spray of missiles. It’s pretty effective, though difficult to control, and the big thing here is the stun effect. Enemies who aren’t killed by the Pyrotechno are dazzled by the blast and temporarily stop fighting, so this can be a good way to give yourself a moment’s respite if things are getting dangerous.

El Susurro (unlocked at Juan’s at Rank 5)

Far Cry 6 best resolver weapon el susurro

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

El Susurro is a silent, punchy nailgun that works well as a close-range SMG, and is a very viable option for stealth builds, especially early in the game. Try to get those headshots for an instant kill, and have a solid secondary ready for if things get violent – it’s not the best in a proper battle.

Discos Locos (unlocked at Juan’s at Rank 6)

Far Cry 6 best resolver weapon discos locos

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

An odd weapon, this one fires CDs silently at opponents, and covers a similar role as the Susurro before it. However, what it loses in rate-of-fire it makes up for in accuracy and range, moving from a short-range to medium-range weapon.

Zeusito (unlocked at Juan’s at Rank 7)

Far Cry 6 best resolver weapon zeusito

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

The Zeusito is a very contextual weapon, an electrical cannon designed to take down vehicles by disabling them with EMP energy. Generally speaking, you probably shouldn’t have this in your inventory, but in certain missions it absolutely can be useful. If tanks and helicopters are up ahead, keep it in your build and use it to take them out early.

El Pequeno (unlocked at Juan’s at Rank 8)

Far Cry 6 best resolver weapon el pequeno

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Another vehicle destroyer, El Pequeno is a vast minigun that suffers in accuracy, but devastates anything in front of it, metal or organic. The trick is to bring it into situations where accuracy isn’t important – where there’s lots of enemies, or where targets are big enough to catch the majority of the spray. Match those criteria, and there’s very little that can stop you.

La Sorpresa (unlocked at Juan’s at Rank 9)

Far Cry 6 best resolver weapon la sopresa

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

La Sorpresa is the ultimate offensive sniper rifle, an explosive-round rifle that blows up targets at long range, effectively a tank cannon you carry with you. The single-shot nature means that high combat isn’t the idea; it’s designed to be used on bases from a distance to deal with the biggest threats early on. Destroy all the worst aspects – tanks, turrets, heavies, etc – then deal with the rest as you want, having made the whole area safer.

La Varita (complete the Triada Blessings mission)

Far Cry 6 best resolver weapon la varita

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

La Varita is a high-damage rifle for medium range, but while it normally has no additional effect, it’s designed to pair with the Triador Supremo. When using the Triador’s ability to see through walls, you can shoot through them with La Varita, revealing and killing enemies all in one go, or killing Castillo without having to look above cover. It’s a decent weapon before that, but a deadly one when being used properly.

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