Red Dead Online Capitale – how to find Capitale for Guido Martelli

If you’re looking to get Red Dead Online Capitale as part of the Blood Money update, it’s not easily done. Capitale is the new gangster’s currency used to deal with Guido Martelli and all the various Red Dead Online Crimes and Opportunities. To be the best possible criminal and make the most out of the Blood Money update as you can, we’ve put together a full guide on how to get Red Dead Online Capitale and make yourself the biggest criminal mastermind of the Wild West.

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How to get Red Dead Online Capitale

How to get Red Dead Online Capitale

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Obtaining Red Dead Online Capitale is the main objective of the Crimes and Opportunities you complete, so you should be on the watch for it at every chance you get. In addition to the reward of cash and gold nuggets received for carrying out your tasks, keep an eye out for secret stashes such as chests or lockboxes, and make sure you search the bodies of your downed enemies as you go about your work, so you don’t miss any of those lucrative papers.

While exploring in Free Roam you should also pay attention to clues leading you to exposed Camps or unsecured Homesteads, as they can be raided to add extra Red Dead Online Capitale to your growing stockpile. As above, make sure you search everywhere and loot any bodies you encounter, as they maybe have bonds hidden away for you to claim back.

Red Dead Online Capitale

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You can also buy Red Dead Online Capitale from some vendors, such as the Fence in Saint Denis, in exchange for gold bars as a direct purchase. In addition to this, once you’ve met with Martelli for the first time the Hired Gun Kit will be available to buy from the Saint Denis Fence, which includes a bundle of ammo, consumables, and gun oil, plus a bandana and 10 Capitale notes. These bonds are delivered to your lockbox at camp, so you’ll need to go there and collect the Red Dead Online Capitale before it can be used.

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