Resident Evil Village labyrinth and ball locations

The Resident Evil Village labyrinths earn big money if you can find the ball needed to solve them. These labyrinth ball locations are probably the hardest part of the whole deal as they can be located a fair way in to their related area and easy to miss. The puzzles themselves are easy to find, usually presented as you enter a new level, but it’s still a two stage job: find the labyrinth, find the matching ball and then complete the puzzle to get the treasure inside that you can then sell for a high cash reward.

The Resident Evil Village labyrinth puzzles and ball locations are’t essential to progress at least, and you can finish Resident Evil Village without so much as touching one. However, the treasure you get for completing them is worth a lot of Lei if you sell them at The Duke’s. So if you want to stock up on the best gear and upgrades it’s worth the time to do them. 

So with money in mind, here’s where to find every labyrinth in Resident Evil Village and all the labyrinth ball locations.

Castle Dimitrescu Labyrinth and ball (the Flower Swords Ball)

resident evil village labyrinth

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You’ll find the Castle Dimitrescu Labyrinth and ball, called the Flower Swords Ball, across two floors in the castle. You won’t get near the ball until you’ve played through some of the objectives so keep an eye on the map for when get near it. 

  1. Castle Dimitrescu Labyrinth location: in the Merchant’s Room, right next to the Duke on the first floor of Castle Dimitrescu. 
  2. The Flower Swords Ball: You can find it in the Opera Hall, on the second floor of Castle Dimitrescu. Walk to the northwestern corner; it’s in the small chest in front of the window.

The first part of this labyrinth is quite easy. Just tilt it in the right direction; the Flower Swords Ball won’t fall off (that also counts for the moving platforms at the front). The final part can be a bit tricky though. There are three holes through which you can lose the ball, so try to get a look at their position before the Flower Swords Ball gets there. If you stay as close to the wall as possible, you should be able to avoid them. If you’re successful, you will be rewarded with the Crimson Skull treasure. 

Beneviento Labyrinth and ball (the Sun and Moon ball)

resident Evil village labyrinths

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The Beneviento Labyrinth and ball, called Sun and Moon ball, are actually quite close to each other but it’s easy to miss the ball – it’s tucked out of the away and hidden inside a small box. 

  1. Beneviento Labyrinth location: it’s in the gardener’s house on the path to House Beneviento. You can visit it after completing the Beneviento part of Resident Evil’s story.
  2. The Sun and Moon ball: Go to the house south of Beneviento’s gardener, and then to the little area behind it. You will see some graves here, and one of them has a small, ornate chest in front of the headstone. The Sun and Moon Ball is inside. If you’re on your way back from House Beneviento (meaning this is your first visit), beware of the undead.

This labyrinth’s route is quite simple; you start from the little house at the top, then you follow the road all the way down to the hole. Unlike the Castle Dimitrescu labyrinth though, you can fall off. Note that some of the fences move up and down too. As long as you don’t gain too much speed though, it should be a relatively easy ride down. Once there, you will be rewarded with an Onyx Skull.

Moreau Labyrinth and ball (the Mermaid Ball)

resident Evil village labyrinths

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You’ll find the Moreau Labyrinth almost as soon as you reach his area. However the ball you need, the Mermaid Ball, won’t be available until you’ve defeated Moreau and have the crank you need to access his laboratory. 

  1. Moreau Labyrinth location: when you walk up to Moreau’s Reservoir and see the first windmill (from where you can take the lift to the mine), go to the open shack on the left. The labyrinth puzzle is inside.
  2. The Mermaid Ball: After defeating Moreau, you can use the crank in your inventory to open the way to Moreau’s Lab. You can either take the road to your right or walk up to the first building and then turn back to the left (watch out for the harpies though). You will find a shrine with a small chest inside. Open it to get the Mermaid Ball.

Moreau’s labyrinth has a lot of twists and turns, but you can clearly see most of the Mermaid Ball’s route and there’s little risk of falling off. The only thing you need to look out for is the damaged part on the lower left. You’ll receive the Chartreuse Skull in return for your efforts.

Heisenberg’s Factory Labyrinth and ball (the Iron Horse Ball)

resident evil village labyrinth

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The Heisenberg labyrinth is another easy one to find but the Iron Horse ball is one of the trickiest to find in the game because it doesn’t exist until you make it, and it’s hidden in a secret area. 

  1. Heisenberg Labyrinth location: You will find it directly opposite the elevator (with the Duke inside) when you first arrive.
  2. Iron Horse Ball location: Getting this ball requires a bit more effort: first, you need to find the Ball Mold in Heisenberg’s Factory (the location on the map). It’s on B2, on the way from the Grinder Shaft to the Ventilation Duct. You’ll see a wooden cart which, after pushing it out of the way, will reveal a shaft that leads to a suitcase with the Ball Mold inside. After that, visit the Foundry on MB4 and use the casting machine to get an Iron Horse Ball.

This fourth and final labyrinth may require a few attempts. The first major challenge is the large spinning cog on the left: get the ball on it, tilt it in such a way that it doesn’t fall off, and land it on the rails again after half a turn. If you have trouble with the last part, try changing your perspective. Then, as you turn the ball around the corner, keep tilting it away from the edge or it will fall through the gap. Finally, the Iron Horse Ball has to land on a moving cart. Approach this part very slowly to make sure you get the timing right. Wait until the car has moved again before you let the ball go. From here, it’s an easy way down to the end of the labyrinth and to your well-earned Bister Skull reward.

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