Squid Game’s Red Light, Green Light gets an Unreal Engine version

One of the games from Netflix’s Squid Game has been remade in Unreal Engine and it gives us an idea of what a real Squid Game video game would look like. 

YouTuber Futurize (opens in new tab) shared the project into the r/UnrealEngine (opens in new tab) subreddit where it currently has 1006 upvotes. In the video, a group of plain character models recreates the first game of the series Red light Green Light – which sees a group of people attempt to get from one side of the playground to another without being spotted by the giant robot doll. 

Just like in the series, not all players are able to cross the finish line in this version of the game as several players are killed just minutes into the first round. Which is just as jarring as it was in episode one of Squid Game. Unfortunately, not even the person playing the game was able to cross the finish line as by the end of the video they have also been shot down just before crossing the finishing line. 

The comments of the post on Reddit offered a number of ways this Unreal Engine project could be taken to the next level, with one person suggesting that they should add multiplayer (opens in new tab) and another suggesting that the developer should add a mini-game (opens in new tab) that affects whether players are able to stay still during the Red Light segments to make things even more intense.  

This isn’t the first time Squid Game and the video game world have crossed paths. Red Light, Green Light has been recreated in Roblox and GTA 5 is currently overflowing with Squid Game mods. Some Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have even attempted to recreate scenes from the show, with one, in particular, remaking the train station Ddakji scene

Desperately wishing for a real-life Squid Game video game? Find out about the Squid Game Quiz that recently got rated in Australia – it’s not quite what you think though. 

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