Starfield concept art and composer revealed

Brand new Starfield concept art debuted yesterday through Bethesda’s celebration of Skyrim’s music, of all places.

Yesterday on November 11 marked the 10th anniversary of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, and Bethesda celebrated the occasion with a performance from the London Symphony Orchestra. At around the 51-minute mark though, Bethesda’s Todd Howard introduced Starfield composer Inon Zur, who subsequently introduced a performance of ‘Starfield Suite’ by the orchestra.

It was during this extended segment that a slate of brand new Starfield concept art appeared on the screen. Some of this art we’ve already seen, however, such as the art of a few humanoids repairing a spaceship on a dusty planet, but plenty of the art is new, like the spaceship flying into a futuristic city, or citizens walking around a bustling plaza adorned with huge trees.

It’s actually quite a nice look at how varied the environments of Starfield could be. There are various neon-lit back alleys and streets, planet environments with barely a thing on the horizon, cramped sci-fi cityscapes, and much more. Previously, Starfield concept art has even hinted at wrist-mounted weapons systems, not unlike The Mandalorian.

Starfield launches approximately one year from now on November 11, 2022, which also happens to be the 11th anniversary of Skyrim. Bethesda’s brand new RPG and IP will debut on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S, but unfortunately won’t be coming to any PlayStation consoles, a matter of speculation which Bethesda finally sorted out earlier this year.

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