Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands player discovers you can stomp mushrooms like Goombas in Super Mario

A Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands player has discovered that jumping on top of mushroom enemies is a great way to kill them, despite having their mushroom companion standing right beside them. 

As spotted in the Wonderlands subreddit (opens in new tab), one player shared a clip of them taking a leaf out of Mario’s book as they jump right on top of the mushroom enemies in their way and stomp them into the ground. 

Unfortunately, this player didn’t think about the consequences of their actions as they decided to do this right in front of their mushroom companion who looked stunned, to say the least. 

til_you_can_stomp_mushrooms_like_gumbas from r/Wonderlands

This act of cruelty didn’t go unnoticed in the subreddit either as one user came forward and said (opens in new tab): “Your mushroom companion is scared shiitakeless.” This, in turn, started a thread of (brilliant or terrible, you decide) mushroom puns. 

All jokes aside though, it looks like this technique is actually a pretty powerful one. As also pointed out in the comments (opens in new tab) of the Reddit post, one of the mushroom victims of this attack actually had full health before being pulverized into the ground. Meaning, all it took to take this bad guy out completely was a small jump on its head. Mario would be so proud. 

In other Wonderlands news, another player also recently discovered that Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is handing out guns that are too powerful for any players to wield. One example of this comes from a player who claims that they’ve been given a level 43 weapon, despite the game stopping players from progressing past level 40. 

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