Tiny Tinas Wonderlands players think you get better loot if youre playing online

A Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands player has discovered that Loot Luck varies depending on your online status. 

As shared in the Wonderlands subreddit (opens in new tab), it looks as though the amount of Loot Luck you obtain depends on your online status. In the example (embedded below) we can see that whilst this player is online, their Loot Luck – a measure of the quality of loot you’ll find – sits at 49794, whereas when they’re supposedly offline, it goes down to 38952. 

loot_luck_is_different_depending_if_youre_online from r/Wonderlands

This isn’t the only thing that’s different, also pointed out in the Reddit post, the Lucky Dice Completion Loot Luck Multiplier reads as 1.35x (online) and as 1.20x (offline) and the Shrine Loot Luck Multiplier also shows a different with 1.25x (online) and 1.10x (offline). The reasoning behind this variation hasn’t yet been confirmed, however other players in the comments of the Reddit post have a pretty good guess of what it is. 

According to one of the top comments (opens in new tab) on the post, it could be a bug causing the difference in Loot Luck – one that could be patched out soon. One user shared a GitHub link (opens in new tab) and explained that the Shrine Loot and Lucky Dice Completion bonuses were “buffed” in a recent hotfix. So don’t be surprised if this issue has been fixed by the time you get around to checking it. 

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen players sharing their discoveries in the Wonderlands subreddit. Just recently, another user shared a clever trick where you can jump on top of mushroom enemies Super Mario style to kill them. The Loot Luck bug also isn’t the first bug we’ve seen reported in the game recently either, as another player recently discovered that Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has a hat that’s too big for its open world. 

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