Where to find Warzone Krampus and how to kill him in the Festive Fervor event

Warzone Krampus might be hunting you down as you venture into Caldera or Rebirth Island during the new Festive Fervor event. While Krampus hunts teams somewhat randomly, collecting coal from the new Festive Fir Trees and their gifts will put you on the naughty list and make Krampus more likely to hunt you. You’ll know when he’s on your tail, however, so be prepared to fight the festive demon with everything you’ve got as he’s incredibly tanky, can throw snowballs, and will teleport. Here’s what you need to know about how to find and kill Krampus in Call of Duty Warzone.

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Where is Warzone Krampus?

Call of Duty Warzone festive fervor event Krampus hunting

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If you want to experience getting hunted by Krampus in Warzone matches, you need to play on the new Caldera map or Rebirth Island during the Warzone Festive Fervor winter holiday-themed event. This event runs from December 17 to until sometime in January 2022.

Call of Duty Warzone festive fervor event naughty list coal

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When it comes to actually finding Krampus, it’s more that Krampus finds you. In the first few minutes of a Warzone match, you’ll get a message saying that Krampus is hunting, which means he could target you and your squad. He choses a team to hunt randomly, but players that receive random loots drops of coal from Festive Fir Trees found around the map specifically for the event will be placed higher on Krampus’s list.

You’ll know it’s your squad’s turn to get menaced by the monster since you’ll get a message saying, “Krampus is hunting you!”, on your screen. When you hear those sleigh bells jingling and demonic roars, you’ll need to bring down the beast before he tears you down.  

How to defeat Warzone Krampus

Call of Duty Warzone festive fervor event Krampus getting punched

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There’s no trick to defeating Krampus if he starts hunting you down in Warzone matches. You just need to fill him with bullets – lots of bullets – until he turns into a puff of snow, smoke, and loot. You’ll also get a red notification message saying, “You defeated Krampus!”, once you’ve slain the beast. Krampus will leave a cluster of loot on the battlefield for you and your squad, including a lot of cash, ammo and armor boxes, and killstreaks. He will also leave your squad alone if you aren’t able to defeat him within three minutes of him hunting you.

To bring Krampus down as quickly as possible, coordinated fire from all team members is crucial. Krampus can only target one person at a time with his claw attacks and ranged snowball throw, so the target needs to act as the distraction while the other three squad members fire all they’ve got at the monster. Krampus is also quite slow, so the distraction player can just run backwards while hip-firing their weapon to contribute a bit of damage. Call out to your squad whenever he teleports so that you can relocate him as quickly as possible too. Distribute your loot between your comrades so that everyone at the very least has enough cash to buy things like UAVs, self-revive kits, and can afford to buy back dead teammates.

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