Warzone Pacific audio cutting out on PC solution

The Warzone Pacific audio cutting out PC is a real issue for many players, with stuttering sound and similar elements that impede people’s ability to play Call of Duty Warzone. The issue has admittedly been reported on all consoles, but appears to be most prevalent by a wide margin on the computer. It’s not good when aspects of the sound are disappearing, leaving you unable to hear approaching footsteps or warnings of missiles about to fall. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on all the known causes, fixes and important info on what to do when the Warzone Pacific audio cutting out PC becomes a problem for you.

Warzone Pacific audio cutting out on PC solution

Warzone Pacific

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If Warzone Pacific audio starts cutting out on PC for you, or any other platform, there’s no clear cause beyond basic issues at the coding level. This is a glitch that seems to have come in with the implementation of Caldera and it doesn’t look like there’s any obvious trigger for what sets it off to be avoided. This tends to take two forms – either audio disappearing altogether, or certain elements of the audio mixing going quiet for no clear reason. So the sound might seem perfectly fine, but there’s elements that have gone quiet – gunfire or explosions, and this is a dangerous loss when these can warn you of a threat before you’re killed. It’s not one of the Warzone Error codes, but it’s just as frustrating all the same.

In terms of a solution… there isn’t one, as far as we know. Raven Software has addressed the issue on their public Trello Board, indicating that they’re aware of the problem and working on it, but there’s no clear solution that we know of at this time, though we’ll be sure to update this page accordingly the moment we hear more about the problem. Until then, some people have reported some success when it comes to rebooting the game and updating their graphic drivers, but this seems to be a pretty hit-and-miss solution at the best of times, and doesn’t guarantee it’ll work for everybody.

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